Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Be it a job or passion that compels someone to go for multiple international trips in a year, taking an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy is one essential thing in both the cases. An annual multi-trip insurance policy not only saves the insured financially during a travel-related contingency but also allows the person to explore a new destination on a frequent basis with much ease. A policy of this type covers all your trips (maximum 30 days) in one year with the same comprehensive travel cover.

What is the need for Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy?

Be it a business trip or leisure, nobody wants unwanted surprises while travelling. A single hospitalisation is enough to burn a big hole in one's pocket, as medical treatments are sky-high in a foreign land. In this regard, an annual multi-trip policy comes in handy which covers an insured continuously (for more than one trips) for 12 months. This way, if someone takes a multi-trip travel insurance plan, he/she is automatically covered for multiple trips throughout a year.

Best Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Name Special Feature Sum Assured Permanent Exclusion
Apollo Munich Multi Trip Travel Insurance
  • Emergency allowance
  • USD 5,00,000 to USD 25,000
  • Pre-existing Illness
TATA AIG Multi Trip Policy
  • Dental treatment cover
  • Pre-existing Illness
Reliance Annual Multi-trip Plan
  • Automatic extension of the policy in case of a medical emergency
  • Pre-existing Illness unless it is life-threatening

Benefits & Features of an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy

Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy comes with below features:

Trip Cancellation:

Covers trip cancellation benefits for all the trips in a year. According to this feature, an insured can claim the cost of cancelled hotel bookings and missed flights when he/she has to cancel the trip due to any reason.

Emergency Medical Cover:

One of the best features of this policy is emergency medical cover in a foreign land. Moreover, financial support in case of emergency in a foreign land is also covered in this type of travel insurance policy.

Reimbursement for Baggage Loss:

Reimbursement in case of checked-in baggage loss or damage. However, in case the baggage is lost due to negligence or unattended, the same will not be covered.


A hassle-free and cost-saving way to insure yourself for multiple foreign trips throughout a year. Also, the plan is easily renewable.

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions


The common inclusions of most of the annual multi-trip travel insurance policies are:

  • All the medical expenses such as sudden illness, injury, or death, emergency medical evacuation, transportation of mortal remains are covered in the policy
  • The cost of baggage loss and loss of other valuables are also covered in this travel insurance type. Valuables such as laptop, camera, etc. that are inside the lost baggage are covered
  • This is one of the best benefits of a multi-trip travel insurance policy which reimburses the flight expenses as well as the cost of hotel bookings in case of trip cancellation
  • The cost of getting a new or duplicate passport in case of passport loss is also covered in this policy
  • Any loss caused to a third party by the insured are also covered in this travel insurance policy. This cover is best suited for those who are travelling with the kids
  • Best policy for those who fly twice or thrice in a year. Most of the times the limit of the cover period of a single trip is 31 days and it is extendable


The common exclusions of this type of travel insurance policy are:

  • This insurance does not cover any pre-existing medical conditions of an insured until this problem is life-threatening or very serious
  • Any expenses incurring due to suicide or attempt to suicide, stress, anxiety, or depression, venereal diseases, mental illness, HIV/AIDS
  • Any medical issues occurred if the insured is travelling against the advice of your doctor are not covered
  • No coverage for any terminal disease or expenses to get medical treatment in a foreign land are not covered
  • No coverage will be provided for the situations arising because of war or nuclear attacks in the country where insured is travelling
  • Any expense occurred due to loss or theft of the passport incurred due to negligence or carelessness of the insured. Additionally, if the complaint of the passport loss is not reported to the local police are also not covered

Claim Process for an Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policy

Follow the below mentioned steps for claim settlement if any emergency arises:

1. Call Your Insurance Provider:

Inform the insurance provider as soon as possible. Generally, all the insurance companies have their toll-free number to reach to or you can also inform them via email. The details of the email id and toll-free numbers are mostly mentioned on the policy papers. Some insurance providers have global tie-ups for settling the claims overseas.

2. Avail Claim Assistance:

Most of the times a representative of the insurance company asks for the basic details of an insured and wants to know a small description of the incident. After this, he/she sends the claim form.

3. Documentation:

Duly fill the claim form and attach all the supporting documents. In case of theft, an insured has to attach a copy of the police report filed at the local police station. However, for checked-in baggage loss, a policyholder has to submit the 'property irregularity' form, which could be got from the airport.

4. Final Process:

The last step is to send the claim form with all the necessary documents to the insurance company. The company generally accesses the claim, which may take up to 15 working days. An insured is notified as soon as the claim is settled.

Add-on Covers offered by Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

Add-on covers are also known as riders. A policyholder may ask for riders in order to get extra benefits in his/her insurance policy. However, an insured has to pay some extra money to avail the benefits of the riders. Some common add-ons that are available for this category of travel insurance are:

  • To cover adventurous and sports activities such as scuba diving, skiing, paragliding, skydiving, etc. one can ask for sports cover of an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy. This add-on covers damage or injury occurred while taking part in these activities
  • Some insurance companies also provide excess waiver cover, opting which an insured has not to pay any part of any claim he/she makes, even it excesses the coverage amount. However, the excess waiver does not cover an injury caused due to voluntary manual work
  • An insured can also opt for the benefit of the insurance policy for 60 days in a single trip. This is the advantageous add-on if one wants to extend his/her stay. Under this cover, one can avail the benefits of insurance in the trip of 60 days

Compare Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Policies Online

Most of the insurance providers have an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy, and for a customer, it may become difficult to select the best one. Therefore, to solve this problem, there are various insurance web aggregators available online and we are one of them. One can approach them for the best suggestions on annual multi-trip travel insurance policy. These websites help to compare various annual multi-trip travel insurance policies online and make an informed insurance decision.

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