Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

Cholamandalam MS General Insurance Co. Ltd. is a renowned insurance company in India. The company was formed when an Indian company Murugappa Group and a Japan-based company Mitsui Sumitomo Group joined hands to expand their businesses. The company has been serving this industry with gusto by offering a variety of insurance plans to cater to the needs of every individual pertaining to their age. The company headquarter is based in Chennai. Among the various insurance products offered by the insurer travel insurance is worth someone’s money. Travel insurance offered by Chola Mandalam ensures that the insured can restore peace of mind while travelling and carry the trip safely.

What is the Need for Cholamandalam Travel Insurance?

Travelling always brings a bag full of excitement and good memories to treasure. But a chance of things going awry always sustains which is beyond one’s control. During a fun enriched trip, the last thing one would wish is to loss a baggage or important documents, flight delay or trip cancellation, ill health and the expenses associated with can be huge.

Whether it is a leisure trip or business one, the nightmare of such situations is unexpected which can easily drain the entire travel cash. Chola MS travel insurance provides financial safety against all such unexpected situations and keeps the insured protected throughout. Moreover, overseas travel insurance of Chola MS offers medical insurance for those travelling abroad. These plans offer a financial shield if the insured encounters risks such as emergency hospitalisation, emergency cash benefit, repatriation of mortal remain, emergency evacuation, loss of baggage, trip delay or cancellation etc.

So, if visiting a family abroad or to let off steam with an exciting holiday is one’s bucket list, all he/she needs to do is to browse over the various travel insurance plans of CholaMandalam and protect the trip by selecting as per the requirement. Let’s have a detailed view on these plans:

Cholamandalam Travel Insurance Plans

Regardless of the purpose of travelling, one must have a comprehensive travel policy in place, to ensure financial security from all kind of unforeseen events. Chola MS travel insurance offers extensive coverage through their various travel plans:

1. Domestic Travel Insurance Policy:

The domestic travel insurance policy is for travelling within the country which ensures the insured is safe during medical emergencies, personal liability, accidental disability, flight delay/cancellation, loss of baggage etc.

2. Overseas Travel Protection Plan:

This travel policy offers extensive coverage in case of medical expenses overseas, baggage loss and flight delays, repatriation of mortal remain, emergency evacuation to the home country, hijack distress allowance, loss of important documents related to travel/passport etc.

3. Student Travel Protection Plan:

While travelling abroad for studies it is important to keep oneself up for those unexpected circumstances and prepare accordingly. Chola MS student travel insurance is designed in a manner to cater to the needs of a student travelling abroad for studies. It covers the insured for medical emergencies, study interruptions, compassionate visit cover for family members, bail bond, sponsor bonus etc.

4. Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance:

This policy is specially designed for corporate employees. This customizable policy can be purchased in the name of the organisation and covers the individual who travels frequently on business purpose. This plan is cost-effective and offers the optimum coverage while travelling for business abroad.

5. Chola MS Annual Multi-Trip Travel Policy:

This travel insurance policy of Chola MS is for the frequent travellers. This policy covers the insured of for different travel durations such as 30, 45, 60 and 90 days, which means one can travel as many time as he/she needs without buying a separate insurance plan for every time he/she travels.

6. Chola MS Comprehensive Travel Insurance Policy:

This international policy compensates for the perils that a traveller is exposed during an international trip. This plan comes with three variants: Travel Plus, Travel Pleasure and Travel Delight. This policy can be availed for self, spouse and elderly people of the family between the age 18-65.

*The aforementioned plans can be availed in three variants- silver cover, gold cover and senior citizen cover (for the person between 70 years-80 years)

Cholamandalam Travel Insurance Policies

Plan Name Eligibility Special Feature Common Exclusion
Chola MS Domestic Travel Insurance -
  • Offers only basic travel coverage
  • If travelling only for treating a medical condition
Chola MS Comprehensive Travel Insurance
  • 18 years-65 years
  • 3 month (children)
  • Coverage options as per the geographical scope
  • If travelling only for treating a medical condition
Chola MS Corporate Travel Insurance
  • 18 years
  • No medical check-up required
  • If travelling only for treating a medical condition
Chola MS Multi-trip Travel Insurance
  • For frequent travellers with no bar
  • Covers the insured as per the travel duration
  • If travelling only for treating a medical condition
Chola MS Student Travel Protection Plan -
  • Special medical extension
  • If travelling only for treating a medical condition
Chola MS Overseas Travel Protection Insurance
  • 3 months-80 years
  • Covers senior citizens from 71-80 years age
  • If travelling only for treating a medical condition

Cholamandalam Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions:


Chola MS travel insurance covers the insured in the following unexpected situations:

  • Cholamandalam overseas travel insurance reimburses the non-refundable expenses incurred cancellation of flight tickets, trip cancellation, hotel bookings etc
  • In case of trip curtailment, the expenses incurred to ease the inconvenience are reimbursed by the insurance provider under Chola MS travel insurance
  • The expenses spent of lodging and meals in the event of a trip delay for more than 12hours, in case the airline is not provided for the same, the insurer bears the incurred expenses and reimburses accordingly
  • In case of a home burglary when the insured person is away or travelling abroad, the loss or damage is covered by the insurance provider
  • In case the insured misplaces the international driving license, the expense for availing the duplicate or fresh one is reimbursed by the insurer
  • During an onward and return journey the Chola MS travel insurance covers the insured from home to airport and airport to home throughout
  • This policy covers the insured against accidental death or accidental permanent disability while travelling home to airport or airport to home in India
  • The policy also compensates the legal liability arising out of an accidental death, injury or property damage to a third-party abroad


When the exclusion list may differ insurer to insurer, the common exclusions under Chola MS Travel Insurance Policy includes:

  • If the insured is travelling only to avail medical treatment abroad, any claim arising while travelling will not be entertained
  • Any claim for an illness, treatment of which can be delayed until the insured returns to the homeland, as per the attending physician and administrator abroad is not accepted
  • Injury or loss due to war, war-like-situation, foreign invasion, rebellion, civil war, mutiny, nationalisation, damage caused by the order of government or local authority, the act of terrorism etc. are not covered. However, hijack distress allowance is covered
  • Involvement in criminal activity, loss or injury due to the use of alcohol or drugs or attempted suicide are not covered
  • If the insured participates in any kind of operation of Army, Navy and Air Force, the claim arising from such operations are not covered
  • Expenses incurred towards the treatment of HIV/AIDS and all concomitant health conditions are excluded

Claim Process of Cholamandalam Travel Insurance Policy:

Claiming Cholamandalam Travel insurance is simple. The insured just needs to follow some easy steps and can experience a hassle-free claim settlement with the insurer. The common steps for claiming Chola MS travel insurance are:

1. Call the Insurer

Whether it is and domestic or international claim, the insurer must be informed immediately. To register a claim one can call on the helpline number or the insurer or can approach the Assistance Company abroad if he/she requires claiming travel insurance in a foreign land.

2. Ask for Claim Form

A customer care executive will guide the insured about how to go with the process. He/she will provide the claim form as well. Either the claim also can be downloaded from the insurer’s official website.

3. Submit the Relevant Documents

To experience a seamless claim process one has to submit the documents on time. The documents should meet the criteria and true. Any discrepancy can lead to claim rejection.

4. Insurer Settles the Claim

After verifying the documents and the claim form, the insurer finally settles the claim and informs the insured accordingly.

Cholamandalam MS Travel Insurance Renewal

Every insurance policy needs to be renewed once the tenure of the policy ends. Cholamandalam travel insurance also needs to be renewed on time to ensure timely benefits of the policy. Chola MS travel insurance renewal process can be availed online or offline.

  • Online Renewal Process: With online insurance, Cholamandalam has offered a quick and hassle-free process to renew the existing travel policy. the insured has to visit the official website in order to renew a policy. By creating a unique user Id and password and following the given instruction, one can easily renew the policy. Even the premium can be paid online by using various online payment options.
  • Offline Renewal Process: in case of an offline process, the insured needs to download the renewal form online and submit the filled form to any of the nearest branches of Cholamandalam. The premium amount can be paid cash or check. Upon payment of the premium, the insurer renews the travel insurance policy and the insured can enjoy the policy benefits hereafter uninterruptedly.

Why Choose Cholamandalam Travel Insurance

There are various reason to buy Cholamandalam travel insurance, a few of which are:

  • The policy covers the insured starting from the time he/she leaves the home until returns from a memorable trip, covers for travel to and from the airport as well
  • This plan is for multi-purpose, hassle-free and cost-effective
  • The insured can protect his/her entire family age between 18 years to 80 years. Children from 3 months can be covered
  • Individual with the age 65 and above don’t require medical check-up to avail this plan
  • Coverage for elderly people age between 71-80 years
  • With Cholamandalam day-wise rate policy option, the insured can select a plan as per his/her travel duration. It restrains them to spend money on a slab-based insurance premium.

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