Domestic Travel Insurance Coverage and Benefits

Most people only consider buying travel insurance while they go on international holiday, not too many people opt for domestic travel insurance.

Let us take a look at why it is beneficial for buying travel insurance even for a domestic holiday.

Investing in domestic travel insurance plan helps you to eliminate all financial risks and unwarranted medical expenses. For instance, if you get injured during a trip or if your accommodation gets cancelled or loss/damage to your personal belongings. In such kind of cases, travel insurance will help you get covered from all the uncertainties while travelling. Travel insurance policy assures you that nothing will spoil your vacation.

For a lot of people, travel insurance might seem like an unnecessary expense but the peace of mind it buys is really worth the investment. Travel insurance provides vital benefits to the travelers that cover them from any kind of unexpected mishappening on holiday.

Domestic Travel Insurance Inclusions

Following are the inclusions that show that what your travel insurance policy covers.

Hospitalization Expenses

This covers the expenses incurred by the policyholder during hospitalization for availing medical assistance to cure an injury or illness sustained whilst on a trip.

Emergency Medical Evacuation

It covers the medical expenses incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, reasonably incurred for any illness or injury sustained whilst on a trip.

Personal Accident Cover

It offers financial protection against accidental death, dismemberment, and any kind of disability.

Loss/theft of Baggage

Travel insurance policy offers complete coverage against loss you may have to bear in case your belongings are lost or stolen.

Trip Delay/ Flight Cancellation

It covers all the expenses due to the delay in flight and the missed connecting flight.

Emergency Cash

There are so many emergency situations can come your way while you are on a trip and losing your cash in an unknown place is one of the worst emergency situations. That is where “emergency cash” comes in. The facility of emergency cash helps you to tackle out the situation with the utmost ease.

24x7 Emergency Assistance

You can request for round-the-clock emergency assistance on your phone across the country.

Domestic Travel Insurance Inclusions

Besides understating what all is covered in your insurance policy, it is also vital to know that what all are the exclusions to make a well-informed decision. So, have a look at them:

  • Domestic travel insurance doesn’t offer coverage for any pre-existing medical complications.
  • Any form of self-inflicted injury or illness, suicide attempt, non adherence to medical advice of the doctor, and HIV/AIDS are not covered under the travel insurance plan.
  • It also excludes the results arising when the policyholder is under the influence of alcohol/drug.
  • Voluntary participation in criminal acts and hazardous activities are excluded.
  • Situations arising out of an act of terrorism or war are also not covered
  • Any damage happened due to indulging in adventurous activities like bungee jumping, rafting, mountaineering, water sports, paragliding, scuba diving etc.

Features & Benefits of Buying Domestic Travel Insurance

Buying domestic travel insurance policy has its own benefit from every aspect. However, it offers the following benefits:

  • It is a hassle-free way to be well-prepared for the unexpected things while travelling in your own country
  • It bears damages and losses to someone’s property for which you are responsible for
  • It provides coverage against the loss of passport and travel tickets
  • It covers the emergency costs such as medical costs for anesthetic dental treatment

Insurance Companies Providing Best Domestic Travel Insurance

There are a host of insurance companies that offer domestic travel insurance. Given below are the top insurance providers in India on which you can easily count on:

Eligibility Criteria for Buying Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Any Indian travelling within India is eligible to opt for domestic travel insurance. Or any person from another country, travelling in India or working with a permit in the country can also buy this insurance plan. Mind it, he/she need to submit proof of work permits or touring here.

The age of the policyholder is usually between 6 months to 65 years. However, it varies from plan to plan. Since the travel insurance coverage depends upon the several factors such as medical conditions, the destination you are travelling to, the duration of the trip, and so forth.

Claiming Process of Domestic Travel Insurance

Few insurance claims are quickly fixed on the phone. Whereas other will require you to attach copies of all the necessary documentation or fill in forms. The more information you will provide, the easier it is for the insurer to proceed with your claim and the quicker you will get the reimbursement.

Many travel insurance providers allow you to submit forms online but make sure if you’re sending yours in the post, then you keep your own copy of all the supporting documentations and sent it to them by special delivery so it’s signed and recorded.

Summing It Up!

Buying domestic travel insurance is as helpful as international travel insurance. As it doesn’t only provide you the safety assurance financially but also promises you to cater the peace of mind. So, if you are a born wanderer then travel insurance is a must for you.

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