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From mountains to deep seas, from flora and fauna to deserts, India has everything. The diversity of India makes it one of the most travelled destinations of the world. Apart from foreign travellers, people of India as well love to explore the diversified culture of their country and hence they call it “Incredible India”.

Whether you need to travel across the country for professional purposes, roam around as you are a hard core traveller, or you prefer going on family vacations anywhere in India, domestic travel insurance is a must thing to carry along with.

What is Domestic Travel Insurance?

Domestic travel insurance is a travel insurance policy that safeguards a traveller from various losses occur during or in some cases before the travel. The two major situations that every travel insurance policy caters to are – cancellation of the trip and baggage loss.

If you ought to cancel your trip right before or in between your journey due to some unforeseen situations, you may lose money. However, if you have taken an adequate domestic travel insurance policy, you will get the refund of all the cancellations or the trip cost.

Apart from this, loss of baggage is a common thing whether it is an international or domestic flight. With a domestic travel insurance policy, the insured is financially covered for the baggage loss as well.

Best Domestic Travel Insurance Plans

Insurers Add-on Cover Special Features Common Exclusions
TATA AIG Travel Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Disability
  • Accommodation expense cover due to trip delay
  • Loss of Ticket
  • Family Transportation
  • Replacement of Staff in case of a business trip
  • Missed Departure (air/train)
  • Repatriation of mortal remains
  • Daily hospital allowance up to a certain limit
  • Death compensation while boarding or alighting a flight
  • Transportation expense cover while hospitalised
  • Pre-existing Illness
Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance
  • Accidental Hospitalization Expenses
  • Hospital Daily Allowance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Personal Liability
  • Trip cancellation
  • Emergency Hotel Extension
  • Missed Connection
  • Home Burglary Insurance
  • Bounced Hotel
  • Compassionate Visit by a Family Member
  • Delay of Checked Baggage
  • Loss of Checked Baggage
  • Trip Curtailment
  • Trip Delay by Scheduled Aircraft
  • Repatriation of Remains
  • Adventure Sports Benefit
  • The policy offers the facility of e-commerce cabs
  • Suicide or attempt to suicide
  • Injury occurred under the influence of alcohol etc
Apollo Munich Travel  Insurance
  • Personal accident cover
  • Liability coverage for bodily injury, property damage or death of a third-party
  • Pre-existing illness

Benefits & Features of a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

The list of benefits and features of domestic travel insurance includes the following:

Covers Medical Expenses:

All the medical expenses incurred during domestic travel are included in a domestic travel insurance policy. This cover offers financial assistance for injuries and illnesses that occur during the travel.

Personal Accident Cover:

Domestic travel insurance also covers personal accident. The insured person will be financially protected against dismemberment, disability, and accidental death during the travel.

Loss of Baggage:

In case the insured person loses his/her baggage while travelling, the domestic travel insurance policy comes at rescue by covering this loss.

Trip Delay or Cancellation:

In case of delayed or cancelled due to an emergency, the insurance company reimburses all the expenses incurred on ticket bookings.

Emergency Medical Evacuation:

Some insurers also take care of emergency medical evacuation under their domestic travel insurance. In case, the insured needs to avail immediate medical care in some other hospital, the expenses for the same will be covered under his/her travel plan.

Emergency Cash Benefit:

Some insurance providers also offer emergency cash during travel. If due to any reason one requires cash in an emergency while travelling, he/she gets that without much hassle.

Repatriation of Mortal Remains:

Under this cover, the insurance company bears the transportation expenses incurred in returning the mortal remains of the insured person to his/her residence.

24X7 Assistance:

No matter, one is on a business trip or vacationing, domestic travel insurance makes it a secured one. The insured can avail 24x7 assistance whenever he/she needs.

Facts about Domestic Travel Insurance:

Having domestic travel insurance means the insured is financially secured against the odds while travelling. Given that, one should know about certain facts about domestic travel insurance that help in a long run:

Coverage for Adventure Activities

Not every insurer covers adventure activities. So, if the insured is planning to explore such activities like skydiving, scuba diving, skiing etc. should make sure that the insurer offers coverage for the same.

Buy Insurance ASAP

When it comes to buying travel insurance, one should not wait for the consequences to happen. Be it domestic or international trip, one should plan it with a travel insurance plan only to avoid a contingency.

Cheap isn’t Always the Best

Buying domestic travel insurance only considering the premium is a blunder. What if the plan with a lower premium, doesn’t offer an extensive coverage. That’s why it is necessary to buy a plan as per one’s insurance needs.

Be Transparent, Avoid Claim Rejection

It is advised to be transparent about any pre-existing illness. It’s true that one may have to bear a higher premium but not hiding this, he/she can avoid claim rejection in the future and stay financially protected.

Domestic Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions

Domestic Travel insurance offers a range of extensive coverage and it may differ from insurer to insurer. Likewise, when insurers try to cover as much as possible, some situations are just not feasible. However, some of the generic inclusions and exclusions include:


Most of the domestic travel insurance policies of India provide the following covers with minor variations:

  • Accidental demise of the insured during travel
  • Accidental hospitalization during the trip
  • Medical evacuation in the situation of emergency
  • Liability benefit for an individual
  • Deportation of remaining benefits
  • Emergency money benefits
  • Reimbursement of hotel accommodation, if the trip is cancelled or postponed due to delay in train/ plane arrival
  • Train/flight ticket loss following an accident
  • Family transportation
  • Availability of additional staff for some emergencies (for business class only)


When the insurer covers the policyholder for the above, several conditions are just not feasible:

  • If the insured is travelling without the consent of his/her health advisor
  • Suicidal attempt, STDs, wrecked harm on self, nervous and mental disorders
  • Accident occurred under the influence of alcohol
  • If a policyholder is the member of Armed forces of any country
  • If the insured is a part of any communal riots, crime or civil commotion
  • Participating in any adventurous sports and get injured
  • Activities such as rafting, underwater sports, canoeing, horse-riding, hunting, pot holding, or caving
  • Learning to handle or working on any aircraft
  • Health problems due to pregnancy or prolonged childbirth
  • All other non-medical expenses

Claim Process for a Domestic Travel Insurance Policy

Some domestic travel insurance providers keep the claim process simple and settle it over the phone only. However, there are various providers, who prefer proper paperwork to claim the benefits. For such providers, a policyholder needs to give all the relevant documents, accounts of the witness, and so on. Therefore, it completely depends upon the provider of domestic travel insurance. Some common steps of the process that one needs to follow in order to claim a domestic travel insurance policy are:

1. Contact the Insurer:

In case of an emergency while travelling, one should email or call the travel insurance provider to understand the claim process. One should ask the provider about all the necessary documents required for his/her case.

2. Submit the Claim Form:

After this, one is needed to fill the claim form. He/she can download the claim form from the official website of the insurer and send the same along with all the supporting documents by post, email, or fax.

3. Keep the Necessary Documents Handy:

The insured person should keep the relevant documents ready including original bills, a copy of the policy document, police FIR copy, personal identity proof etc. One can keep the soft copies or PDFs or can keep the policy information online over email.

4. Get the Claimed Amount:

After submission of all the required documents and proofs for the claim, a surveyor will access the case. The insurer will verify all the documents and calculate the payout amount. Finally, the claim is settled by transferring the amount.

Add-on Covers offered by Domestic Travel Insurance

Generally, all the domestic travel policies offer add-ons or rider covers, which can be purchased easily by paying an extra premium:

  • Daily allowance during hospitalization
  • Emergency extension of hotel
  • Home burglary insurance while travelling
  • Adventure sports benefits
  • Personal liabilities
  • Trip cancellation due to any reason
  • Downsizing the trip for any reason
  • Cover for pre-existing illnesses
  • Coverage for travelling to war-prone destinations
  • Enhanced accidental death and Dismemberment cover

Compare Domestic Travel Insurance Policies Online:

It is always good to compare various domestic travel insurance policies online before purchasing one. One can compare different domestic travel insurance policies through a web aggregator. These websites offer a fast and dependable online platform for comparing domestic travel insurance quotes provided by various leading general insurance companies of India. One can compare the plans on parameters such as coverage, features, claim settlement process, premium, incurred claim ratio etc. So, compare different domestic travel insurance policies online and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simple and understandable comparison of various travel plans
  • One can make an informed choice by considering quotes of different domestic travel insurance policies online
  • Can choose a plan that best suits his/her travel requirements
  • One can compare the features and benefits of different plans online
  • Save time and money
  • Guaranteed peace of mind and safety

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