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A family trip means a lot of fun, excitement, and quality time with our loved ones. But, before going on a trip with family you need to do a lot of planning like selecting the most suitable hotel according to requirements of all the family members, booking the required flight, and shopping of all the needed things, etc. But, one thing that rarely anyone thinks of keeping while going on a family vacation is family travel insurance.

What is a Family Travel Insurance Policy?

A family travel insurance policy is a comprehensive insurance plan to cover entire family generally up to 2 children) going on a vacation especially to a foreign trip. Here, the family generally refers to two adults of less than 60 years and two children less than 21 years. These plans are also known as family floater plans.

Best Family Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Name Entry Age Special Feature Common Exclusion
Bajaj Allianz Family Travel Insurance
  • Up to 60 years
  • Golfer's Hole-in-One cover
  • Pre-existing illness
Bharti AXA Family Travel Insurance
  • 3 months to 85 years (Non-schengen)
  • 3 months to 60 years (Schengen)
  • 3 months to 70 years (for multi-trip)
  • Home fire/theft insurance
  • Non-allopathic treatment
HDFC Ergo Family Travel Plan
  • 18-60 years
  • 3 months-21 years (children)
  • Pre-existing illness
Apollo Munich Family Travel Plan
  • 71-80 years
  • Pre-existing illness

Benefits & Features of a Family Travel Insurance Policy

Medical Expense Cover:

Medical expenses, emergency evacuation, or repatriation expenses are covered in a family travel insurance plan.

Loss of Important Documents:

The policy covers the expenses incurred towards availing fresh passport if it is lost while travelling.

Personal Liability Cover:

In case of any liability arises out of an accident to the third party is covered by the insurance company. It pays for the liabilities such as property damage, injury or even death of a third-person.

Trip Extension:

In case of an emergency if the insured requires to extend its travel dates, the hotel expenses are covered by the insurer. Moreover, it also offers the emergency cash allowance in case the insured needs it.

Family Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions


Some common inclusions that all the family travel insurance policies offer are:

  • Various medical expenses within the limits of the selected policy are covered. Some of the medical conditions that are covered here are- cashless hospitalization, OPD charges, charges of a medical practitioner, medical transportation due to a medical emergency, etc. are covered. Medical evacuation to nearby or another hospital or to own country is also covered
  • If an insured has encountered sickness due to the problem in natural teeth while travelling abroad, it is also covered
  • Accidental death while travelling is also covered under the family travel insurance policy. Additionally, in case of a personal accident, an insurer gets sum insured that is specified under the personal accident section of the policy
  • The daily cash allowance is paid in lump-sum basis after 2 days of hospitalization. The allowance is paid in every 24 hours of hospitalization after 2 days. However, this benefit is paid up to the limit specified in the policy
  • In case of a sudden death of the insured on board, the company pays all the repatriation expenses. The expense to transport the mortal remains is also paid by the insurance provider. Moreover, the expenses of cremation or burial in the country where the person has died are also covered
  • In case of delay or loss of checked-in baggage, the insurance company reimburses all the expenses that an insured has paid in purchasing the toiletries, clothes, and essential medicines. However, the expenses that are under the specified limit of the policy are reimbursed
  • The insurance company reimburses the expenses incurred in applying for new or duplicate passport in case of passport loss while travelling. However, the insured must report to the local police station within 24 hours of passport loss
  • Trip delay occurred due to a delay in the commercial carrier for more than 6 hours because of any covered reason is included in this insurance policy
  • The situation wherein an insured encounters personal liabilities and becomes legally liable to some third-party is also covered in this type of insurance
  • If a hijack of a common carrier occurs and persists for more than 12 hours, then the insured gets an allowance for that
  • In case the insured required money in an emergency, an emergency fund is given to the insured.
  • In case insured needs to extend his/her hotel stay due to a medical emergency, he/she will get the reimbursement for the same
  • If the insured is unable to go on the trip and needs to cancel it due to some personal emergencies, then the company compensates him/her in this case
  • If a policyholder misses his/her connecting flight due to the fault of the travelling airlines, the expenses incurred will be reimbursed
  • If the house of insured gets robbed or encounters damage in his/her absence (while the insured is travelling), then the cover up to the specified limit is reimbursed by the insurance company.


Even though the exclusions vary from insurance provider to insurance provider, but some common exclusions of most of the family travel insurance policies are:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and mental complications like depression, etc are not covered
  • Expenses incurred towards treating disease such as HIV/AIDS
  • Suicide attempts and self-inflicted injuries
  • Act of terrorism or war is excluded
  • Accidents in the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • If travelling without the consent of a physician
  • Involvement in the acts of crime and injuries caused because of participation in illegal activities
  • Partial loss or partial damage of baggage
  • Baggage loss or theft that is not reported to the local police station

Claim Process for a Family Travel Insurance Policy

To experience a smooth claim settlement process, the insured needs to follow the below steps:

1. Ensure to Inform the Insurer Immediately:

The policyholder must ensure to inform the local police authorities in case of baggage loss or other such issues. An insurance provider may ask for the police report of the local police station. After that immediately, inform the insurer through an email or call on the helpline numbers. The helpline number of most of the insurance providers is toll-free, however, it may differ for India and abroad. Ensure to have these numbers with you all the times while you are travelling.

2. Avail Claim Assistance:

A customer care executive will assist the insured with much-needed claim assistance. He/she will guide the policyholder with the entire process of claiming and provide with the claim form. In case of cashless hospitalization, an insured must inform the insurance provider immediately after the hospitalization. A representative of the insurance company will coordinate with the hospital and make arrangements for direct billing. If it is a reimbursement claim, the original bills are required to claim travel insurance.

3. Submit the Documents:

The next step is to submit the duly filled claim form along with claim-related documents. The documents required may vary insurer to insurer. It is recommended to go through the policy document to have a fair idea.

4. Insurer Settles the Claim:

Once the insurer receives the claim application and documents, a claim assessment is done from the insurer’s end and finally it settles the claim. The insured is informed accordingly. While in some cases the full amount is paid, in some cases insured only gets up to an approved limit, above which the insured has to bear the amount.

Add-on Covers offered by Family Travel Insurance

By adding an add-on cover, the insured can avail extra benefits by enhancing the basic policy coverage. However, if an insured wants some add-ons, he/she has to pay extra charges for the same. Some common riders or add-on covers that most of the family travel insurance policies offer are:

  • Cover for pre-medical insurance
  • Cover for a child who is more than 21 years
  • Cover for parents/senior citizens of age over 71 years
  • Cover for adventurous activities during travel

Compare Family Travel Insurance Policies Online

With a variety of insurance plans available in India, it is quite difficult to find a right plan. However, with various insurance aggregators available in the market, one can land on a right plan. These online websites compare the plans on basis of certain parameters such as claim settlement ratio, coverage, premium etc. and suggest the best plans as per the requirement of a person. These websites offer reliable suggestions on various plans that one can rely on.

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