Future Generali Travel Insurance

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited was formed in the year 2007 and the company is fully authorised by the insurance regulatory body IRDA. The company is a joint venture between Indian business corporation Future Group and Italy based company Generali, counted among the largest 50 insurance companies worldwide. Indian Future Group was founded 25 years back and is famous for its retail ventures including Central Food Bazaar, Big Bazaar and E-Zone, which leads the retail sector now. Based out in Mumbai, the company has a countrywide presence with 6000+ advisors and direct channels.

Travel insurance policies offered by Future Generali are worth someone’s money as it offers complete financial protection against an unforeseen event.

What is the Need for Future Generali Travel Insurance?

Travelling comes with lots of excitement, good memories thrills. But one should not ignore the probable risk factors associated with travelling. Saying that travel insurance can be a saviour, which provides complete insurance protection against unwanted emergencies that may pose a serious threat while travelling. There are a plenty of insurance providers offering travel insurance in India. These policies offer benefits such as cover for a medical emergency, loss of checked-in baggage, loss of important documents, fight delay/cancellation, cashless hospitalisation worldwide etc.

In this regard, Future Generali travel insurance comes in handy where one can cover his/her family as well. Travel insurance plans offered by Future Generali can be customised as per the insurance needs of the traveller. It is highly recommended to own travel insurance with a sufficient coverage as medical costs can be exorbitant in the foreign lands or there is always a possibility of losing belongings or being stranded due to flight delays/cancellations.

Future Generali Travel Insurance Key Features

Some of the key features of Future Generali travel insurance include:

  • The insured is protected financially worldwide in case of an emergency
  • It offers all-inclusive protection with round-the-clock assistance whenever is needed
  • Enjoy complete insurance coverage including emergency medical hospitalization, damage/loss of checked-in baggage and so on
  • Some plans don’t require a medical test at the time of availing travel insurance
  • Some incurred expenses are reimbursed if there is no adversarial health statement on the insurance proposal form. However, if there is any, half of the incurred expenses will be refunded under Future Generali travel insurance

Future Generali Travel Insurance Plans

Travel insurance plans of Future Generali are designed in the manner to suit the needs of every traveller. Mostly, there are three travel insurance plans to cater to the insurance needs of the people from every walks of life. These are:

1. Schengen & Worldwide Insurance Plan:

Keep aside the thoughts of getting ill or losing an important belonging while travelling abroad. Future Generali Schengen & Worldwide Insurance one can be financially assured against sudden risks like illness, luggage lost, flight delay etc. This plan is specially designed for the travellers flying to European countries with a Schengen Visa. This plan has two variants: Future Easy Travel Worldwide and Future Easy Travel Schengen.

2. Overseas Travel Insurance Plan:

With overseas or international travel insurance plan of Future Generali, one can financially secure an international trip against a sudden medical emergency, delay or loss of baggage, trip cancellation etc. This plan can be availed for individual, family and senior citizens. The most alluring feature of this part is no medical test is required up to the age of 70 years.

3. Student Travel Insurance Plan:

While preparing for a trip from studying abroad is exciting, one shouldn’t ignore its fair share of uncertainty that can dampen all excitement. With Future Generali travel insurance, all these uncertainties can be taken care of. This student travel insurance plan comes with a two-year tenure that covers everything from a medical emergency and loss of passport to study interruption or educational sponsorship.

Future Generali Travel Insurance Policies

Plan Name Entry Age Special Feature Common Exclusion
Schengen & Worldwide Plan -
  • Cashless claim worldwide
  • Pre-existing illness and complications out of fit
Overseas Travel Plan
  • 18 - 70 years (Individual & Multi-trip )
  • 18 - 65 years (Asia Travel family floater)
  • 6 months to 25 years (Children)
  • 71 - 80 years (Senior Citizen)
  • No medical check-up up to the age 70 years
  • Pre-existing illness and complications out of fit
Student Travel Insurance
  • 18 years-35 years
  • No medical test required if there is no negative health declaration
  • Pre-existing illness and complications out of fit

Future Generali Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions:


Travel insurance policies offered by Future Generali are helpful in covering the following situations:

  • Emergency medical expenses due to an accident or illness are covered
  • The policy reimburses the expenses incurred due to loss of checked-in baggage and delay in the arrival of the baggage
  • A traveller can’t afford the loss of important documents like passport and expenses of issuing a fresh one can be expensive. Future Generali travel insurance reimburses the expense incurred in this regard
  • Accidental disability cover in case of a loss of income due to a disability
  • Repatriation of mortal remain, emergency medical evacuation expenses etc. are reimbursed by this policy
  • Expenses incurred towards flight delay or cancellation are covered
  • This policy also covers third party liability cover in case of an injury, death or property damage to a third-party
  • Cashless hospitalization facility at the network hospitals present globally


The common exclusions of Future Generali travel insurance include:

  • Claim arising out of health conditions or complications arising out of a pre-existing diseases
  • This policy doesn’t cover any type of routine health check-ups
  • Expenses arising out intentional loss or damage like self-injury, suicide or attempt to suicide are not covered
  • Expenses incurred for treating a mental disorder, stress, anxiety etc
  • Loss or injury happened under the influence of alcohol and drugs or related substances
  • The policy doesn’t cover the conditions related to HIV/AIDS
  • Maternity or maternity related complicacy, childbirth etc. are not covered
  • If the passport is confiscated by customs or police the same will not be covered
  • If any loss is not reported to the local police within 24 hours
  • Losses or damage arising due to war and warlike situations
  • Losses or damage occurring due to unlawful or criminal acts

Claim Process of Future Generali Travel Insurance Policy:

Future Generali travel insurance can be claimed in two ways. For cashless claim and reimbursement claim:

1. Cashless Claim Process :

Cashless healthcare services can be availed in case of a medical emergency/ hospitalization by approaching the international network hospitals of the insurer. The insured will need to show the FG Travel Insurance Card at the time of availing the services abroad. He/she needs to inform the ‘Europ Assistance’ if applicable. Upon completion of the formalities, the incurred expenses will directly be settled with the hospital authority.

2. Claim Procedure of Reimbursement Claim:

To initiate the claim process the insured has to inform the insurer immediately. A claim form needs to be submitted along with the original medical bills and other relevant documents. Upon receiving the claim form and the documents, the insurer will validate and verify the same. Finally, the claim amount will be settled and transfer to the insured accordingly.

Future Generali Travel Insurance Renewal

To enjoy the policy benefits throughout and to remain financially assured one has to renew the travel insurance policy on time. Future Generali travel insurance can be renewed online as well by visiting the official website of the insured. To renew a policy one just need to log on to the official website, go to the renewal option, select the type of plan and compare the premium online. And finally, pay the amount using one of the available online payment modes. If not, one can renew the plan offline as well. To do so the insured can visit the nearest branch of Future Generali, fill the renewal form offline and pay the premium by cash or cheque. The policy will be renewed right away.

Future Generali Online Travel Insurance

Future Generali offers a range of insurance products like health, car, home, travel insurance which can be availed online as well. With their online presence, the company has made it convenient for the buyers to browse over the plans and take an informed decision. The post-sale services can be availed easily with Future Generali online insurance.

Over the years, the company has been recognised for its excellent services with various awards like ‘Impresa award’, ‘EFFIE award’, 2 ISO certification etc.

Why Choose Future Generali Travel Insurance

  • It is an authorized insurance company by IRDA
  • Countrywide and Global presence
  • High claim settlement records
  • Swift and simple claim settlement process
  • 24x7 claim assistance

Process of Buying Travel Insurance from Future Generali

One can avail Future Generali travel insurance online as well. The steps of buying travel insurance online include:

1. Get Travel Insurance Quote Online

Getting online insurance quotes is very easy. The insurance seeker needs to visit the website and fill the online proposal form. He/she will have to provide some basic information like passport number, type of visa, coverage, travel dates etc. Upon submission of relevant inform, insurance quotes will be suggested with applicable premium. One can select a plan according to his/her requirement.

2. Review the Insurance Proposal

Travel insurance is a proposal or contract offered by the insurer to the insured. One can buy it if it meets the requirements or can ignore. That’s why it is important to review the offered proposal. One can review it online as well by searching for various travel insurance quotes and verify the available information and premium to be paid.

3. Complete the Purchase

Once the insurance buyer agreed upon the system generated premium and other terms and conditions, the payment options need to be selected. Online payment is only possible with a credit card, debit card or Net Banking. This way one can pay the premium securely and can buy travel insurance online easily in a few steps.

4. Download the Travel Policy

Travel insurance policy can be downloaded online along with the transcript. The insurer also sends a copy of the policy document and the transcript to the registered email address provided at the time of registration.

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