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The trend of travelling in groups has increased in past one decade. People prefer going on vacations with their entire family or a big group of friends. One probable reason for this could be the different geographical locations of the family members and friends these days. Therefore, despite going to everyone’s place to meet, people go on vacations together to create memories. Additionally, in this era of globalization schools, non-profit organizations, and even businesses want their students, contract worker, and employees respectively to travel around the world.

Even though travelling in the group has various advantages, but if things are not well-planned, it can be chaotic. Additionally, there can be various problems that may arise while travelling with a lot of people. Problems like checked-in baggage loss, flight delay or cancellation, medical emergencies, etc. can occur at any time. To overcome such situations while travelling, it is recommended to take group travel insurance before going on a group vacation.

What is the Need of a Group Travel Insurance Policy?

As the name suggests, group travel insurance is a travel insurance policy purchased for a group of people, who can be from the same family or cannot be but travelling together. A group travel insurance policy can be of two types –domestic and international. Therefore, the premiums are paid accordingly. To cover any kind of travel-related contingency, one has to buy this plan especially when someone is travelling with a group. Moreover, group travel insurance is also offered by employers to its employees where the premium is paid by the employer itself.

Best Group Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Name Special Feature Common Exclusion
HDFC Ergo Group Travel Insurance
  • The plan can be extendable up to 180 days
  • Pre-existing illness
Apollo Munich Group Travel Insurance
  • No medical tests required up to 70 years of age
  • If travelling to avail medical treatment
Chola MS Group Travel Insurance
  • Maternity expense cover
  • Pre-existing illness

Benefits & Features of a Group Travel Insurance Policy

Instead of taking separate travel insurances for individual traveller travelling in a group, it is better to go for group travel insurance. It is because a group travel insurance plan is not only cost saving but also offers some other benefits, which include:

Expenses of Medical Emergencies:

An insured gets the compensation/reimbursement from the insurer in case of medical emergencies in a foreign land or while on board. It also covers the emergency medical deportation facility in case the insured needs to fly back.

Baggage loss/Important Document:

Loss of checked-in baggage in international flights is as likely as on domestic flights. So, this cover ensures that the travel insurance pays for the checked-in baggage loss. Moreover, loss of key documents during the trip is also covered by reimbursing the incurred expenses for getting the fresh passport.

Hijack Distress Cover:

If the flight in which the travellers of the group insurance are flying is hijacked for more than 12 hours, then the policyholders get the allowance. This also cover protects against various natural disasters and calamities if occurred in the travelling country.

Trip interruption reimbursement:

If the trip gets interrupted due to any reason, the travel insurance will pay for the expenses of travel or accommodation incurred.

Group Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions


Most of the group travel insurance policies in India provide the below-mentioned covers with minor variations:

  • This policy covers medical expenses and hospitalization expenses arise out of illness or accident
  • Covers flight delays and trip cancellation
  • Covers passport and/or baggage loss
  • Cashless hospitalization facility in abroad
  • Personal accident coverage id offered under the policy up to a limit
  • Availability of emergency cash in advance
  • Covers trip interruptions
  • The expenses incurred for emergency medical evacuation is covered by this policy


Some common exclusion of group travel insurance policies are:

  • If the trip is cancelled by the tour operator, it is not covered
  • Medical expenses incurred due to pre-existing disease
  • If the baggage is delayed for less than 24 hours, it is not covered
  • Injuries caused due to adventurous activities are not covered
  • Self-initiated injuries and mental disorder are not covered
  • Maternity or childbirth-related complications are not covered. However, some of the group insurance policies cover the problems caused in the first trimester, if a policyholder is travelling at this time
  • If the cause of cancelling a trip is divorce, the cancellation is not covered

Claim Process for a Group Travel Insurance Policy

Though every insurance company has own set of steps for processing claim but below mentioned are the basic steps that a policyholder must know about this process:

1. Claim Process in Case of Baggage and Documents Loss:

The insured needs to inform the insurance provider immediately by giving written notice. He/she will need to file a police report as well and submit with the claim form along with the other documents. Upon receiving all the documents and the claim form, the insurer finally settles the claim.

2. Claim Process in Case of Checked-in Baggage Loss or Delay in Checked-in Baggage:

The insured has to inform the concerned airlines about the baggage loss in writing. The next step is to get the property irregularity report by the airlines from where this case occurred. The insurer needs to be informed via email or through the phone. After that, the insured gets a claim reference number to coordinate about the process. The claim form needs to be filled and submitted to the insurer along with relevant documents to get the claimed amount reimbursed.

3. Claim Process in Case of Flight Delay:

The insured will have to avail a confirmation letter from the airlines informing about the reason and duration of the delay. He/she will then should inform the insurance provider by phone or email. Upon registration of the claim, a claim reference number is provided by the insurer to coordinate further about the entire process. The insured will require to fill and submit the claim form along with the documents. After verifying the documents, the insurer settles the claim.

4. Cash Loss:

The insured needs to lodge a report with the nearest police station about the theft or loss immediately. The next step is to inform the insurance provider via phone or email. The customer care executive will assist the insured and provide the insured with a claim form, The insured needs to fill the form and submit along with the required documents. Upon receiving the claim form and documents, the insurer verifies the case and settles the claim.

Add-on Covers offered by Group Travel Insurance

Most of the group travel insurance policies offer some riders and add-on covers that can be purchased by paying an extra premium. These rider covers are helpful in increasing the basic cover. A list of some of the common riders or add-on covers is mentioned below:

  • Maternity and childbirth allowance
  • Home burglary insurance while travelling
  • Benefits for adventurous activities and other sports
  • Trimming the trip for any reason
  • Emergency hotel extension

Compare Group Travel Insurance Policies Online

It is always good to compare various group insurance policies online and the best way to do so is using an insurance web aggregator. These websites offer a quick and dependable platform to compare group travel insurance policies of different leading insurance providers in India. Therefore, an insurance buyer needs to do is to visit one of these websites, click on the premium calculator or insurance calculator section, check all the available plans, and compare. In this way, one can purchase a useful group travel insurance plan, save money and time as buying an insurance policy online is always hassle-free. The online comparison also helps one to make an informed decision and to avoid being fooled by the brokers.

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