HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance Overview

HDFC ERGO General Insurance is a joint venture between HDFC Limited and EGRO International AG (a primary entity of Munich Re Group). In their joint agreement, HDFC is holding 74% share whereas ERGO International is holding 26% share, thus HDFC Ltd is the major shareholder. The company has 109 branches in 89 cities of India. The ICRA has recognized HDFC ERGO as ‘iAAA’ rating company because of the highest claim paying capability of this insurance provider.

What is the Need of Travel Insurance?

Who does not want to explore the beauty of the world? Traveling is one of those things that give the opportunity to relish the beauty of nature and manmade monuments. However, traveling is not only about enjoying, but it also involves a lot of preparation. Preparations like flight /train /bus /other mode of transport tickets, hotel bookings, keeping all the essentials like clothes, medicines, etc. But, one thing that most of the travelers forget to add to their travel check-list is ‘travel insurance’.

Travel insurance is one of those necessities that every traveler must carry especially when traveling to a foreign country. When it comes to buying travel insurance, the insurance policies offered by HDFC ERGO are among the most sought after travel plans. These plans provide shield to traveler against various unexpected situations like sudden illness, loss of essentials such as passport, and emergency cash.

One of the best features of the travel plans of HDFC ERGO is “Pay per Day for Travel Insurance”. According to this, an insured has to pay only for the number of days he/she travels for. So, if an individual wants to travel only for one day for a business meeting, then he/she will pay for one day only.

With simple application process and paperless transaction mechanism, one can buy a travel insurance policy very easily from HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance.

Key Highlights of HDFC ERGO Individual Travel Insurance:

The following are the key highlights of the HDFC ERGO Individual Travel Insurance:

  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Covers almost all countries of the world
  • Provides 24x7 customer support
  • The insurance policies of HDFC are trusted by millions
  • Medical check-ups – not required
  • Maximum coverage at an affordable price
  • Coverage for people up to an age of 70 years
  • Cashless treatments
  • Flexible sum insured to choose

Benefits of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance:

Travel insurance plans from HDFC ERGI General Insurance offer a wide range of special benefits catering to the needs of their customers. “Pay per Day for Travel Insurance” feature was introduced by HDFC ERGO. This means that the insured has only to pay for the number of days they travel, in particular. For instance, if the insured has a business trip for just a day, then s/he does not have to pay premium for 5-7 days. Besides these benefits, HDFC ERGO travel insurance plan comes with a number of attractive benefits and features. They are:

Plethora of Plans to choose from:

Travel policies by HDFC ERGO offer a wide range of plans to choose from and match the requirements of the insurance seeker. The insurance buyer can pick and choose the travel insurance policies basis their size of the family and age of their family members. The insured can secure their journey at the least possible premium with a maximum coverage under HDFC ERGO travel insurance.

Extensive Geographic Coverage:

HDFC ERGO offers its travel insurance policies across geographies including Schengen countries and the length of travelling destinations catering to every need of the policyholder.

Convenient, Easy and Time Saving:

The insurance seeker does not have to run from post to post in order to avail HDFC travel insurance plan. The insurance buyer can buy the policies via the official website of the insurer easily, effortlessly and conveniently without investing in much time.

Trusted Brand by Millions:

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited is a well-known brand taking care of the insurance needs of the insurance seekers in India. The insurer serves more than 75 Lakh happy customers across the country. The company possess ‘iAAA’ rating from ICRA signifying the highest claim paying ability of the insurer.

Authentic Information:

HDFC ERGO does not mislead its customers by providing wrong information online. While buying a travel insurance policy from HDFC ERGO, the insurance seeker can rely on the benefits and information stated on the official portal of the company.

24x7 Assistance:

HDFC ERGO General Insurance offers round the clock customer assistance for a simple and hassle-free experience.


HDFC ERGO offers total transparency in exchange of the settlement of claim on HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy.

Instant Policy:

Instant policy renewal and purchase option via the online portal of the insurance provider is offered by HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company. The insured can avail instant quotes on the travel insurance from the insurer.

Multiple Secured Payment Option:

The online payment gateway of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company is totally protected for multiple options for payment.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policies

Plan Name Entry Age Exclusion Duration
Individual Travel Insurance
  • 6 months-70 years (for single trip TI and single trip Asia excluding Japan)
  • 18 years-70 years (for annual multi-trip)
  • Pre-existing illness
  • 180-360 days
Family Travel Insurance
  • 18-60 years for self/spouse
  • 3 months-21 years for children
  • Pre-existing illness
  • 60-120 days
Student Travel Insurance
  • 16-35 years
  • Pre-existing illness

Types of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policies:

There are different types of HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Plans. They are:

Individual Travel Insurance:

HDFC ERGO brings a standard travel insurance plan making sure to offer maximum coverage for any uncertainty arising out when the policyholder is overseas. The insured might even fall prey to lose their baggage, the passport, or might need emergency medical evacuation. Travel Insurance policy by HDFC ERGO makes sure everything an insured need when on the trip. While visiting to any foreign country, be it a business trip or leisure trip, HDRF ERGO ensures the best travel policy depending on the requirements of the policyholder.

Benefits and Features:

  • The plan comes with dental treatment coverage.
  • Instant and online issuance of policy is offered, in which the policyholder can review the insurance plans on the sale and purchase instantly online.
  • The individual travel insurance plans offer cover against medical contingencies and medical evacuation. The policyholder would be offered cover up to the sum assured chosen by him/her.
  • The travel policies by HDFC ERGO offer coverage for the repatriation of the remains or the funeral expenses on the demise of the policyholder.
  • The plan offers daily cash payment if the policyholder is hospitalized if falls sick or meets with any accident.
  • It also offers fiscal compensation if the flight of the insured gets delayed by over 12 hours.
  • It offers personal liabilities coverage if the policyholder becomes a prey of permanent disability or demise due to accident.
  • It provides compensation for incurring losses for the replacement of a lost passport or any other important document.

Family Travel Insurance:

An overseas trip with family always gives an opportunity to spend extra moments that has now become daunting task because of work commitments. In order to make those moments even more adventurous and exciting, HDFC ERGO brings Family Travel Insurance Policy customized basis the requirement of the family of the insured.

Benefits and Features:

  • 24x7 customer assistance
  • Lower premium with maximum coverage
  • Plans can purchased online and are tailor-made tailoring to the needs of the policyholder
  • Easy and hassle-free process for online purchase.

Student Travel Insurance:

Student travel insurance plan by the insurance provider is known as HDFC ERGO International Student Suraksha. This plan is usually designed for the students who aim at staying abroad for further studies. Students, these days, plan to stay and travel abroad to pursue higher education. Every student requires a support system abroad that assures protection and care. Student Suraksha Plan by HDFC ERGO offers a tailor-made travel insurance plan for the students making sure a fiscal security during contingencies or uncertainties. This plan aids the students to go for further studies abroad, without hassles and worries.

Benefits and Features:

  • It offers cover for bail able offense, if the student is guilty in the country where s/he is pursuing his/her higher education.
  • The plan provides cover to pay the tuition fees on the accidental demise of the students sponsor.
  • Student Suraksha Travel Plan provides coverage for students if there is any interruption in the study due to any reason.
  • The plan comes with coverage for the treatment for mental disorder, drug addiction, nervous breakdown, etc. abroad.
  • The International Student Suraksha Plan also offers medical aid to the students if they meet with any accident or suddenly fall sick. The family of the insured also gets compensation on permanent disability or the demise of the student.
  • Covers expenses incurred for funeral or repatriation of remains on the demise of the policyholder.
  • Provides coverage to the members of the family in case of compassionate visit to meet the student overseas.
  • Provides coverage for the dental treatment.
  • Provides a fiscal compensation in case the flight of the policyholder gets delayed by over 12 hours.
  • Provides compensation for incurring losses for the replacement of a lost passport or any other document.

HDFC Ergo Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions:

HDFC Travel Insurance comes with the following inclusions and exclusions:


Here are inclusions of HDFC Travel Insurance:

  • Emergency medical expenses including in-patient treatment, outpatient treatment, therapies, diagnostic tests etc. are covered
  • It covers the insured in case of death or disability due to an accident
  • In case the flight is delayed for more than 6 hours, the expenses incurred due to meals, refreshments etc. are reimbursed
  • It provides the compensation of incurred expenses due to buying toiletries or clothes due to the delay of checked-in baggage
  • It covers the loss of important documents such as passport
  • It covers the loss of checked-in baggage
  • It covers the any personal liability arising out of death, injury or property damage caused to a third party
  • It covers medical evacuation, accidental dental treatment, hospital cash, emergency cash allowance, hijack distress allowance etc. are covered


Here are exclusions of HDFC Travel Insurance:

  • Damages caused due to civil war or war-like situation, nuclear weapon etc
  • Self-inflected injury, suicide or attempt to suicide
  • Participation in a criminal act
  • Incurred medical treatment expenses if travelling against the advice of the medical practitioner
  • Treatment of mental disorders and nervous disorders

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Eligibility Criteria:

In order buy HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy, the buyer must fall in the required eligibility criteria. The insurance seeker must fulfil the following requirements:

Plan Minimum Age of Entry Maximum Age of Entry
Single Trip 6 months 70 years
Annual Multi Trip 18 years 70 years
Single trip (any place in Asia except Japan) 6 months 70 years
  • For family floater plan, the age limit of the primary insured is up to an age of 60 years.
  • The age bar for the spouse of the policyholder is 60 years.

How to buy HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policy online?

Travel insurance must be bought before embarking on a trip as it safeguards the policyholder against various uncertain events during the journey. Buying travel insurance online has become easy and simple now.

Here are the steps that are to be followed while purchasing HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance online:

Step 1: Visit the official website of HDFC ERGO.

Step 2: Choose the travel insurance plan and hit ‘buy online’ tab.

Step 3: The insurance buyer will be redirected to a secure page.

Step 4: The insurer can make use of Premium Calculator to evaluate the premium for the policy.

Step 5: Fill in the necessary details and personal information

Step 6: Make the payment online via debit card, credit card or net banking.

NOTE: It is recommended to read the fine prints or terms and conditions of the travel insurance policy to avoid any confusion or discrepancy while registering claims.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Claim Process

In order to experience a seamless claim experience with HDFC ERGO, one has to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Approach the Insurer:

Approach the network hospital abroad to avail cashless hospitalization. One must be aware of the network hospitals in the country where he/she is travelling to. In case of any doubts, the insured can contact customer care support by dialing its international toll-free number +800 08250825.

2. Avail Claim Assistance:

The claim service representative will guide the insured regarding the entire process of claim registration. Next, a claim form will be mailed to the registered email address of the insured. The insured can download it from the official website of HDFC ERGO travel insurance as well.

3. Submit the Claim Form:

The insured must duly fill the claim form, attach the required documents and mail it at While doing so, the insured must cc it to Additionally, the insured can also fax the documents at +91-120-6691600. The documents must be mailed within 30 days from the date of claim intimation.

4. Final Settlement:

As per the report submitted by him/her and after a thorough verification, the insurer will settle the claim as per applicable terms and conditions.

Documents Required to Claim for HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance:

Listed below are the documents required to ensure a smooth claim process:

Accidental Claim:

Claim form signed by the treating doctor, discharge summary, photocopy of passport, postmortem report, death certificate, police inspection report, copy of cancelled cheque.

Emergency Hospitalisation in case of Accident:

Claim form signed by the treating doctor, medical report or discharge summary, original copy of all the invoices, all receipts of payment paid, photocopy of passport, police FIR, if applicable, a copy of cancelled cheque.

Emergency Dental Treatment:

Travel insurance claim form duly signed by the treating doctor, consulting doctor’s report, discharge certificate, photocopy of passport, original invoices, a copy of cancelled cheque.

Claims Related to Flight Delay:

Duly filled and signed claim form (Page 1,2,3 with Section H is mandatory), list of the purchases like refreshments, meal or other incurred expenses due to the flight delay, airline’s confirmation letter intimating the duration and reason of the delay, photocopy of the boarding pass, cancelled cheque.

Claims Related to Loss of Cash:

Duly filled and signed claim form, original/photocopy of police FIR in case of theft, proof of cash withdrawal occurring within 72 hours from the commencement of the journey, details of the amount to be refunded from the airlines for the tickets, photocopy of passport, a copy of cancelled cheque.

*For any claim re-information, the policyholder can visit the official website of HDFC ERGO travel insurance.

Claims Related to Trip Interruption:

Duly filled and signed claim form, letter from the policyholder mentioning the reason of cancellation with a valid proof, proof of expenses paid in advance for travel and accommodation, detail of the amount to be refunded from the airlines and hotel, a copy of cancelled cheque.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Cancellation Process:

Rs. 250 is levied on a cancellation request of HDFC travel insurance policy. The insured can cancel the policy only if the travel is not yet initiated. The policyholder needs to submit the copy of passport as a proof that the trip did not happen.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Policy Review:

HDFC ERGO travel insurance plan is one of the most deliberate insurance plans that cover trip cancellation, flight delays, loss of passport, loss of baggage, medical expenses, etc. while travelling. The travel plan by HDFC ERGO aims to fulfil the requirements of the students and family.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance Contact Details:

The insurance buyer can get in touch with HDFC ERGO officials by making use of the following contact details:

Customer Service Address HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited

D-301, 3rd Floor, Eastern Business District (Magnet Mall), LBS Marg,

Bhandup (West) Mumbai – 400078

Customer Service Number 0120 – 62346234

022 – 62346234

Travel Insurance Claim Office:

Address HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company Limited

5th Floor, Tower 1, Stellar IT Park,

C-25, Sector 62, Noida, UP, India -201301

Email ID
Landline No. (chargeable) 0120 – 4507250
International Toll Free No. +800 08250825 (while dialling from abroad)

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance FAQs:

Q1. What is the minimum time period for a trip to be insured?

A1. HDFC ERGO travel insurance provides coverage for a travel trip as short as 1 – 4 days.

Q2. Does the insured have to undergo medical examination?

A2. No, the insured does not have to undergo any medical examination up to 70 years of age.

Q3. Is it necessary to obtain travel insurance for Schengen Visa?

A3. Yes, it is important and mandatory to have travel insurance before applying for Schengen Visa.

Q4. What are the necessary requirements for Schengen Visa?

A4. One has to be covered for at least USD 50,000 sum assured under the travel insurance policy. For further details, visit the Schengen consulate portal.

Q5. How to make payment for premiums?

A5. One can make premium payments via three modes. They are:

  • By cheque collection or cash
  • Online payment via debit card, credit card or net banking
  • By signing a debit mandate while signing the policy.
Q6. How to check HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance policy status online?

A6.  One has to log into the official website of the insurance company using log in credentials namely, User ID and Password. Hit right click on the policy number and policy status can be obtained.

Q7. How can HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance be extended?

A7. In order to extend HDFC ERGO travel insurance policy, one has to send a mail to the insurer requesting the extension of the policy. It must be sent together with health declaration. The company will respond to the request with a detailed process list that will state the additional amount of premium.

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