International Student Travel Insurance: Know What’s Covered and What’s Excluded

It is common for many students to opt for foreign universities for their higher studies. In this situation, they need to stay in a foreign country for many years to complete their education. It becomes essential to get a good travel insurance coverage that will offer comprehensive financial protection from various problems in future. It is also mandatory to buy international student travel insurance policy as per the regulations of many countries.

What’s covered under International Student Travel Insurance Policy?

The international travel insurance plans designed exclusively for students offer exclusive benefits that include:

Coverage for Delay or Loss of Baggage during Travel

If you lose your baggage during travel, you can approach the insurance company for compensation. The coverage is available even when there is a delay in getting your baggage due to the fault of airlines.

Coverage for Delay or Cancellation of Flight

If the flight is delayed or cancelled due to any reason, you can claim compensation under the student travel insurance policy.

Coverage for Loss of Passport or Wallet

If you lose your wallet or passport during your trip, you can claim compensation from the insurance company. The basic thing you need to do in this situation is to inform the local police about the incident and get a proper receipt from them for the complaint.

Coverage for Emergency Medical Treatment

This is one of the most important advantages of getting a student travel insurance policy. Remember that a medical emergency can strike at any time and you need to be properly prepared to handle the situation.

Coverage for Accident Death

If the student passes away due to an accident, the accidental death benefit will be provided to the nominee of the policy.

Coverage for Compassionate Visit to Home Country

In case there is a death in the family of the student, they may have to visit the home country on an immediate basis. Under the student travel insurance policy, this situation is covered and the expenses for visiting the home country will be paid by the insurance company. This comes as a great relief in that difficult situation and student need not worry about arranging funds on an emergency basis during that situation.

What’s excluded under International Student Travel Insurance Policy?

It is very important to understand the different exclusions of international travel insurance plans. When you are aware of these exclusions, you can take the necessary precautions and avoid these circumstances in future.

Pre-existing Health Conditions

Many people fail to understand that compensation can be denied for emergency medical treatment when it is due to pre-existing illness.

Self-inflicted Injury or Suicide

Even though coverage is available for the death of the student and the medical treatment is provided to the student in an emergency situation, it largely depends on what caused the incident. If the injury is self-inflicted in any manner, compensation will be clearly rejected in this situation.

Stress-related Disorders

Many people suffer from stress-related disorders and need medical treatment for such conditions. You need to understand that international travel insurance plans usually do not offer coverage for such treatment and you need to pay for the incurred treatment expenses from your pocket.

Alcohol or Drug Abuse

It is common to notice alcohol and drug abuse among the student community across the world. You need to be aware of the fact that international travel insurance plans will not pay any overage in case of medical intervention required due to alcohol and drug abuse.

War Situation

If there is a situation of war or any threat of nuclear activity, coverage will not be provided in that situation. If you are planning to visit such countries for your studies, you need to understand that you cannot avail coverage from the travel insurance provider.

Over to you

After knowing the inclusions and exclusions of student travel insurance policy, we hope you are in a better position to make the best use of the coverage and avoid things that can put you in a troublesome situation.

Before you zero down on a travel insurance plan, make sure you compare various travel insurance plans online and opt for the one that fulfils your insurance expectations.

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