International Travel Insurance

Gone are the days when one has to spend a lot of money and spare a lot of time to travel internationally. The multinational company culture and various offers have improved the frequency of international trips. Even though travelling gives pleasure and fun, the risks involved in it can’t be ignored especially when one is traveling to a foreign land. Risks such as medical emergencies, baggage loss, emergency financial crisis, etc. are some of the problems that can occur with anyone without a prior notice. Here comes international travel insurance into the picture that covers the insured during such a situation.

What is the Need for International Travel Insurance Policy?

An international travel insurance policy ensures safe trip by offering lots of benefits. These benefits cover all the medical expenditures during travel, trip cancellation and delay charges, baggage loss, and financial help in other unforeseen situations.

Best International Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Name Entry Age Special Feature Common Exclusion
Reliance travel insurance -
  • No medical check-up
  • If travel without the consent of the physician
Bajaj Allianz International Travel Insurance
  • 0.6-40 years
  • 41-60 years
  • 61-70 years
  • Automatic claim settlement via Travel Ezee
  • If travel without the consent of the physician
HDFC Ergo Overseas Travel Insurance
  • 6 months-70 years (Single Trip)
  • 18 years-70 years (Annual Multi Trip)
  • 6 months-70 years (Single Trip Asia Excluding Japan)
  • Vast geographic coverage
  • If travel without the consent of the physician
Star Oversees Travel Insurance
  • Above 6 month
  • Storage of medical records in electronic form
  • If travel without the consent of the physician
Royal Sundaram Travel Secure
  • 18 years-70 years
  • Children: 91 days and 12 years
  • Vast geographic coverage
  • If travel without the consent of the physician

Benefits & Features of Overseas Travel Insurance Policy

Insuring travel is probably the last thing that one thinks of while planning and preparing for a trip. However, a travel insurance policy offers lots of benefits and advantages especially when one is traveling internationally. Below mentioned is the list of benefits and features that overseas travel insurance offer:

Emergency Assistance and Medical Treatment:

An international travel insurance policy provides cover for emergency medical conditions while traveling. Foreign travel insurance caters to pre and post hospitalization expenses as well as re-partition expenses.

Baggage Loss:

In case of baggage loss, the insurance provider compensates the full amount incurred in purchasing necessary items due to loss of baggage

Trip Interruption or Cancellation Cover:

An international travel insurance plan covers partial and full trip cancellation by giving the cost of the trip. It also provides the benefits when a trip terminates due to any unavoidable emergency.

Coverage for Legal Liabilities:

Overseas travel insurance covers legal liabilities of an insured that can happen due to damage to a third-party. It also covers all the legal costs including the cost of legal suit.

Loss of Important Travel Documents:

If an insured losses his/her important travel documents like tickets, passport, etc. the travel insurance provides cover in that case as well. A good overseas travel insurance plan covers the expenses of entire reapplication process for availing a fresh passport or ticket.

Evacuation of Insured:

In this section, all the expenses incurred while moving the insured person to his/her country of residence or to other hospital for medical care.

Personal Accident Cover:

If one is injured or died during the trip, the insurer pays the amount of compensation to the insured or his/her family.

Hijack Distress Allowance:

If the public transport wherein an insured is traveling is hijacked, the insured gets per day allowance of the hijack up to the specified limit mentioned in the policy.

International Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions


The common inclusions of most of the international travel insurance policies are:

  • The policy comes with Illness/medical cover where an insured is protected against unexpected illness or accidental injuries, or demise, which he/she encounters in a foreign land
  • If an insured losses all the money or a substantial part of the funds that he/she has taken for travel, monetary assistance is provided. It only covers the loss due to theft, pilferage, or robbery
  • Under this policy an insured gets full coverage for loss of his/her baggage, or other belongings after check-in
  • Damage or loss occurring due to natural calamities or medical emergencies is also covered. Any financial crisis arising due to overseas employment is also taken care of
  • Personal accident during travel is as well covered. If an insured encounters any permanent disability due to accident in flight or during travel, it is covered. Coverage against financial crisis due to theft or robbery is covered
  • Compensation is given to third-party in case of involuntarily actions of the insured that resulted in someone’s demise, injury, or property damage
  • If the connecting flight of the insured is delayed for a specific hours or due to other reason the insured miss it, then the insured happens to get the reimbursement
  • Loss of important travel documents like passport or tickets is also covered. One gets the complete reimbursement of the expenses incurred in order to obtain duplicate or fresh passport
  • In case of sudden death of the insured, the remains of the mortal are transported and cremation expenses are covered by the overseas travel insurance
  • Under the burglary cover any damage or loss occurred in the house of the insured in his/her absence is covered
  • Accidental dental injuries are also covered
  • Risk cover for the situation of hijack where a distress amount is reimbursed in case the aircraft is hijacked for more than 12 hours
  • The policy also offers a daily cash allowance to the insured in case of hospitalization either due to accident or sudden sickness


The things that are not included in an international insurance policy are:

  • If an insured has not registered the complaint of passport loss in the local police authorities, then the loss or damage occurred will not be covered
  • If one does not disclose or declare any pre-existing medical conditions before the commencement of the travel insurance policy, then no medical cover will be granted. Especially for the people who are above 70 years old
  • If the insure is travelling to avail medical treatment, the same will not be covered
    Suicide, loss, or injury occurred under the influence of alcohol or drugs or due to mental illness like depression are not covered. Additionally, the patients of venereal diseases and HIV/AIDS patients do not get any cover
  • Causalities occurred due to nuclear threats or war in the travelling country is not covered
  • If one is diagnosed with life-threatening disease before travel, he/she will not get any cover
  • If one with critical illness is traveling without any recommendation by his/her health care provider, any health condition arising will not be covered

1. Inform the Insurer:

In order the avail the benefits of international travel insurance, one has to inform the insurer immediately either by calling on the helpline number or writing to them.

2. Register a Claim:

To register a claim the insured can take help for the customer care executive. He/she will guide the insured throughout the process and will provide the claim form.

3. Submit the Documents:

Without a seamless submission of documents, one can’t expect a smooth claim process. In order to claim the incurred amount, submission of claim form along with the relevant documents is essential. The insured must fill the claim form and submit with the documents to the insurer.

4. Claim Settlement:

Upon receiving of the claim form and documents, the insurer verifies the documents and finally settles the claim by transferring the approved money to the policyholder.

Add-on Covers offered by International Travel Insurance

The add-ons or riders are the additional covers that an insurance provider offers in order to fulfill the special needs of the insured. Some of the common add-ons or riders that most of the international insurance policies offer are:

  • Cover for adventurous/sports activities
  • Rental car insurance cover. This cover takes care of all the expenses that may incur when the insured drives in a foreign country. One can purchase this rider to cover damage caused by your car’s accident to person or property in foreign land. This add-on also covers loss or theft of the rented car in the foreign country.
  • Third-party insurance. A third-party insurance add-on offers all the liability of a person occurred due to accident. If you are planning to drive in an international trip, never forget to purchase third-party insurance rider.

Compare International Travel Insurance Policies Online

Before purchasing any international travel insurance policy, it is advisable to compare various international travel insurance policies online through an insurance web aggregator. A web aggregator provides customized comparison of plans on basis of certain parameters such as cover, premium, claim settlement ratio etc. Plans information can be availed by providing minimal information of the insurance seeker. Online comparison helps an individual to avail a right plan basis on their requirements.

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