Is Your Abroad Trip Secured with International Travel Insurance?

During his international trip to Singapore, Rohit Sharma, 35, a Software Engineer, based in Delhi, met with an accident last year. He had to spend 15 days, which could have definitely cost him a fortune given the sky-high healthcare expenses in the country. But what came to his rescue during the time of this crisis was his international travel insurance, that covers him for accidental and medical emergencies. All he had to do was to initiate a claim by providing the relevant supporting documents.

This can be anyone of us. Eventuality may strike anytime anywhere. You may have proper arrangements and even have checked every minute thing in detail, there is always a chance of meeting with an unforeseen event that may leave you bankrupt. Buy international travel insurance and safeguard your entire trip so then nothing can diminish the thrill.

International Travel Insurance: Why is it Important?

Buying overseas travel insurance is essential if an international trip is awaited. The tailor-made policies provide the insured with a range of benefits and coverage against travelling related risks. International travel insurance will cover you for unexpected circumstances that may dampen your travel excitement. These include trip cancellation due to an emergency, flight delay/cancelled, loss of important document, an accident on board, medical emergency while abroad, personal accident etc. Even to complete the Visa requirement of many countries you will need travel insurance. Just make sure the insurance policy that you have opted for covers you for the wider prospect. Also, read the final print very carefully to know every hidden clause, especially those related to claim.

How to Go about Claiming International Travel Insurance?

Even if you’re not required, you must know the exact way of claiming your travel insurance policy. You must ensure that all formalities are done regarding this before setting to sail. Failing which may lead to lots of hassle at the time of claiming the benefits. In this regard, below is the step-wise-process of claiming an insurance policy:

  • Inform the Insurer

Getting full assistance of an insurance company is important especially when you travel abroad. You should keep the toll-free numbers so that there is no delay in updating about any claim. Use 2x7 helpline number of the insurer to register a claim. You can even mail asking for claim related assistance.

  • Go with the Process

Once a claim is intimated, the executive will assist you with the claim process, where you’ll require to provide the information about hospital details, policy details, embassy details etc.

  • Submit Required Documents

It is important to submit relevant documents t support your claim. The issue is most of us don’t know how to claim. For example, if you happen to claim your insurance to cover your cancelled trip due to a medical emergency, you will have to submit a physician’s prescription and medical certificate to initiate the claim. Even for accident case, you may have to submit a copy of Police FIR, along with other supporting documents. This way every claim required specific documents to ensure a smooth claim process. Remember, every claim is settled after proper verification of the original documents.

  • Final Settlement

Upon verification of the documents, if the insurer finds the claim based on true submission of documents, the claimed amount will be settled.

Avoid Claim Rejection

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting to know that your travel insurance claim is rejected when you need it the most. However, the insurer can only reject a claim on the legitimate ground such as, fraud case, incomplete documentation, lack of clarity on the claim etc. That’s why it is essential to double check the proofs and documents you are going to submit to support your claim. Most of the time, it is seen that people travel without a doctor’s consent. In such cases, if you have a pre-existing illness and if any complication arises out of this, the insurer will not cover the same. Moreover, you have to submit original proof, failing which will lead to claim rejection. However, documents for claiming travel insurance may vary from insurer to insurer and will be on the basis of the nature of the claim. The common documentation process includes:

  • Statement of attending doctor/signed report from a doctor availing treatment abroad
  • Duly filled and signed discharge form
  • Medical reports, investigation or consultation papers etc.
  • Medical bills
  • Original receipt of the bill paid in case of reimbursement claim
  • A stamped copy of Visa

In case of loss of any important document like Passport or in case of loss of cash or baggage, you must ensure submitting a police FIR copy to the insurer.

Checklist for Buying Travel Insurance

In order to ensure the right policy you should consider double-checking a few things:

  • Policy Inclusions & Exclusions: It is imperative to read and understand the policy final print, about the terms and conditions, claim procedure etc. This way you can be updated about a various hidden clause that may not have been mentioned at the time of policy narration.
  • Destination-wise Coverage: You should know that the different policy comes with different coverage. In case of international travel insurance, the coverage may differ from country to country. It is important to ensure that the policy covers the destination you are travelling to when you buy international travel insurance.
  • Choose for a Sufficient Coverage: It is important to opt for sufficient Based on the duration of your trip, you can choose from single trip policy or multi-trip policy to cater to your travel requirements

Wrapping it Up!

By saying that, if an international trip is in your kitty, you should consider buying international travel insurance with comprehensive coverage.

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