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Travelling to a foreign land is exciting but a thing that one must take with his/her baggage, passport, and tickets is travel medical insurance. Nobody knows the potential problems one can face while travelling despite so much planning. Thus, it is always good to be prepared for the worst. A basic travel insurance policy covers baggage loss, flight delays, trip cancellation, etc. but a comprehensive travel medical insurance policy covers emergency healthcare expenditures and evacuation expenses back home or to another hospital for better medical treatment even in a foreign country.

Why Do You Need Medical Travel Insurance Policy?

A travel medical insurance policy covers an insured against illness or accident while travelling. Travel medical insurance plans are needed especially when one is travelling abroad. In case of domestic travel, a basic medical insurance policy can do the needful.

Best Medical Travel Insurance Plans

Insurer/Plan Name Eligibility Special Features Common Exclusions
United India Travel Insurance
  • 5-75 years
  • 3 months-5 years(Children)
  • 10% discount on total premium in case the entire family has covered under a single plan
  • Any claim during an initial 30 days
HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance
  • 6 months-70 years
  • No medical test required up to 70 years in case of Schengen travel insurance
  • If travelling without the consent of a doctor
TATA AIG Travel Insurance -------
  • Pre-existing condition cover up to a specific limit
  • If travelling without the consent of a doctor
Star Health and Allied Travel Insurance
  • Especially for all students
  • Dental emergency expense cover
  • No coverage for pre-existing illness

Benefits & Features of a Medical Travel Insurance Policy

The three major areas that a travel medical insurance policy or international travel medical insurance covers are:

Emergency Medical Assistance:

Be a visit to doctor or day-to-day medical expenses, everything is covered in a comprehensive travel medical insurance policy. Without the coverage for these expenses, one may end up facing a cash crunch while undergoing medical treatment in a foreign country.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation of the Mortal Remains:

A comprehensive international travel policy bears the cost of medical transportation of the insured to another nearby hospital, evacuation to insured’s home country and repatriation of the mortal remains to the insured’s home country if required.

Around the Clock Worldwide Assistance:

A comprehensive travel medical insurance plan offers 24X7 customer support to resolve all the queries of an insured. These queries can be related to how to submit a claim, how to make various arrangements during a medical emergency, or how to locate a physician nearby etc.

Accidental Emergency Cover:

International travel insurance reimburses the expenses incurred in hospitalization emergency due to an accident abroad. The insured is also covered for accidental disability.

Medical Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions


Most of the travel medical insurance policies cover:

  • Incurred emergency medical treatment cost due to illness or accident
  • Incurred dental treatment cost due to an accident
  • Medical transportation expenses to transport the insured to the nearest hospital
  • Emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital or to the home country of the insured
  • Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) are some other benefits that are offered in a comprehensive travel insurance plan
  • Travel assistance service is also taken care of by a comprehensive travel medical insurance plan which ensures instant medical assistance in case of an emergency

Note - No claims will be entertained in case the policyholder doesn’t disclose any pre-existing medical illnesses.


Most of the travel medical insurance policies don’t provide coverage for:

  • Accident or other medical conditions arising due to the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs etc.
  • Causalities occurring due to war or nuclear threats
  • Treatment for venereal disease and HIV/AIDS
  • Involvement of a policyholder in illegal activities
  • Treatment for self-inflicted injuries
  • Any claim arising out of intentional injury like suicide or attempt to suicide, will not be entertained by the insurer
  • Mental illnesses such as depression
  • Claims relating to involvement in any hazardous activities
  • Treatment for pre-existing life-threatening disease or critical illness

Claim Process for a Travel Medical Insurance Policy

Generally, the claim process of most of the travel medical insurance policies is very simple. The steps for claiming travel insurance include:

1. Inform the Insurer:

The first step where one needs to do is to call the insurance provider for domestic claims or in case of international travel one needs to coordinate with the international travel desk of the insurer. It is a must to intimate the insurance provider, otherwise, the claims can be denied.

2. Register the Claim:

Register a claim with the help of claim assistance executive of the insurer. He/she will guide the insured to initiate the claim process further.

3. Claim-Related Documentation:

Without the submission of relevant documents, travel insurance claim is invalid. The insured needs to furnish certain documents in order to prove his/her claim. This may include medical bills, receipt, police FIR copy etc. The insured needs to duly fill the claim form and attach/submit all the relevant documents.

Note - The phone number, toll-free helpline number, and email-id of the insurance provider are mentioned -in the policy document only. Moreover, the insurance card also contains all this information.

4. Final Settlement:

Upon receiving the documents and claim form, the insurer verifies the claim and settles it accordingly. The approved claim amount is given to the insured either through cheque or bank transfer.

Compare Medical Travel Insurance Policies Online

Since there are various travel medical insurance policies available online, it may become difficult for a proposer to select the best plan for him/her. To resolve such issues, there are various insurance web aggregators available online that can be used compare different travel medical insurance plans. Based on the results, one can select the plan that fulfils his/her insurance expectations.

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