Reliance Travel Insurance

With a huge customer base, Reliance General Insurance Company is recognised among the leading general insurers in India. The company has been serving the individuals, corporate and SMEs for years and has received many awards and recognition. The company has its active presence in almost every state with 139 offices and 26,587 intermediaries across the country.

Reliance General Insurance through its products and services tries to meet the expectations of its customers. The company offers many insurance solutions related to Motor, Health, Travel, Home, Marine etc. Its endeavour to satisfy its customers’ needs leads to the invention of innovative products like first Over-the-Counter health & home insurance policies. Travel insurance offered by the insurer is one of the most preferable products in the insurance market.

What is the Need for Travel Insurance?

Travel has become an essential part of one’s life these days. There is hardly anyone who would not want to travel or experience it even once in a lifetime. Whatever be the reason for travel, it always brings excitement. However, before embarking on any such journey one must ensure safety, be it physical or financial.

Countless risks are associated with travelling. One must not avoid these situations and ensure itself to take care of various problems that may arise during the course of travelling. A travel insurance plan ensures financial safety of the insured in case of loss of passport, flight delay/cancellation, medical emergency, trip cancellation or other related emergencies while travelling. Hence, travel insurance should always be on the checklist of a traveller.

Reliance Travel Insurance Plans

Now explore foreign destinations with gusto and freedom. With Reliance overseas travel insurance, one can secure his/her solo or family trip financially. When every travel destination is different, why should the travel insurance plan be the same? Various travel options offered by Reliance General include:

1. Reliance Travel Care-Asia Policy:

This policy is designed for the travelers who roam around Asia. This plan covers the insured for medical emergencies, missed/delayed flights, cashless hospitalization etc.

2. Reliance Travel Care-Schengen Policy:

As the name suggests, this policy is for those who wander around Schengen countries including Denmark, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Switzerland. Some of its salient features include zero paperwork, cashless hospitalization, coverage for loss of passport etc.

3. Reliance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:

Now travelling with an elderly person of the family is possible. This plan is specially designed for the individuals between 61 and 70 years of age. This policy covers trips from 182 days to 365 days.

4. Reliance Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance:

This plan is tailor-made for frequent travellers. It covers the insured for multiple trips in one year. This international policy can be used for 182 days to 365 days.

5. Reliance Student Travel Insurance:

Availing education abroad is becoming a trend these days. Those who are planning to travel abroad for studies should secure itself with a student travel insurance, which covers the insured in case of medical emergencies, loss of important documents, study interruption etc.

6. Destination wise Travel Insurance:

Reliance General Travel insurance also offers certain travel plans destination wise. These plans include- South Africa Travel Insurance, Middle-East Travel Insurance, UK Travel insurance, Australia Travel Insurance, USA/Canada Travel Insurance Plans.

Reliance Travel Insurance Policies

The company offers an extensive range of travel plans for families, groups, senior citizens, individuals, etc. Let’s have a detailed look at these plans:

Plan Name Extension Special Feature Common Exclusion
Reliance Travel Care-Asia Policy Yes Free international sim card Self-inflicted injury
Annual Multi-trip Policy Yes Plan is extendable up to 365 days Pre-existing illnesses that are not life threatening
Senior Citizen Policy Yes Extends coverage for home burglary Self-inflicted injury
Schengen Policy Yes No medical test up to the age 81 years If travelling to avail treat abroad
Student Travel Insurance Yes No medical test Travelling without the consent of a physician
Overseas Travel Insurance Yes Free international sim card facility If travelling without the consent of a doctor

Reliance Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions:


Reliance travel insurance covers the insured for the following situations:

  • Acute anaesthetic dental treatment arising out of an injury
  • Expenses of acquiring a new or duplicate passport if passport of the insured is lost
  • Accidental death and disability cover while travelling in a common carrier
  • Reimbursement of a return ticket for a family member visiting the insured in case of hospitalisation for more than 7 days
  • The emergency medical expenses incurred in hospitalisation whilst abroad
    Expenses incurred if the insured misses a connecting flight or delay for more than 3 hours
  • Emergency cash benefit in case the insured loses travel funds due to theft
  • If the insured is legally liable to pay for the damages to a third-party due to an accidental injury, death or property damage
  • Accidental bodily injury while travelling
  • Expenses incurred in a medical evacuation to India are covered
  • Expenses incurred if a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to the airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters
  • Expenses incurred in the repatriation of mortal remains of the insured
  • The trip delay is covered for more than 12 hours due to the problem of medical, airline or personal employment or natural calamities
  • Expenses incurred if a trip is delayed for more than 12 hours due to the airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters
  • Security against burglary at home while the insured is away from his/her native land
  • Special distress allowance is offered in case of hijack for more than 12 hours
    Loss of checked-in baggage while travelling


The common exclusions of Reliance Travel Insurance include:

  • Expenses incurred due to any damage or injury due to suicide, self-inflicted injury, mental disorder, anxiety, stress etc
  • No claim will be accepted made out of venereal diseases, HIV/AIDS, for Alcohol/drug abuse etc
  • If the insured is travelling against the advice of a doctor
  • Travelling to avail medical treatment abroad
  • Receiving or are on a waiting list for particular medical treatment
  • If the insured has been given a warning of a medical condition
  • The claim arising out of theft or loss when the belongings are left unattended
  • If the report of loss or theft is not reported within the stipulated time limit
  • The insurer will not pay for any partial loss or damage of checked-in baggage
  • Any claim arising out of war or nuclear threat
  • Life-treating conditions are only covered if arising out of a disclosed pre-existing illness
  • The claim arising out of non-disclosed pre-existing illnesses are not covered

Reliance Travel Insurance Claim Process:

In order to claim Reliance Travel insurance the insured needs to follow the below steps along with relevant documents:

1. Call the Insurer

In case of an emergency, the insured should inform the insurer right away. If the claim is made abroad, he/she should contact the Associate Service Provider there. By calling on the respective numbers, one can avail cashless facility worldwide.

2. Get the Assistance

To avail the required assistance the claim needs to be reported within 24 hours of concurrence. Within India, one can call on the toll-free number at 1800 209 5522 to register a claim. The claim-supporting executive will guide the insurer through the entire process.

3. Furnish the Documents

A hassle-free claim settlement is only possible if the insured furnish the correct documents, supporting his/her claim. A duly filled claim form along with the required documents needs to be submitted within a specific date to avail the claimed amount.

4. Final Settlement

Upon receiving of all the relevant documents and after verifying everything, the insurance company finally settles the claim. In case of reimbursement claim, the insured needs to provide the original bills of expenses with other documents.

Reliance Travel Insurance Renewal Process:

In order to avail the policy benefits contentiously, one has to renew his/her travel policy on time. Reliance travel policy can be renewed online or offline. In order to renew the policy online, the insured has to visit the official website of the insurer. Go to the ‘renew option’, calculate the premium and pay online. If someone is unable to pay the premium online then he/she can visit any of the nearest branches of Reliance, fill the claim form manually and pay the premium by cheque or cash.

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