Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

Royal Sundaram General Insurance Company Limited started its operations in the year 2000. Initially it was founded as a joint collaboration between Sundaram Finance Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc, UK. In the year 2015, Sundaram Finance acquired 26% equity holding from Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc. Presently, the entire 100% equity holding is now in the hands of Sundaram Finance (75.90%) and other Indian shareholders (24.10%).

Apart from these, the other facts that make the insurer among one of the leading companies are- it is the first company to introduce cashless settlement for health-related claims. The first insurer to introduce IMAs (In-house Motor Assessors) and hospital cash allowance. With this, the travel insurance policies offered by the insurer are among the most preferable products in the Indian insurance market.

What is the Need for Travel insurance?

Travel insurance is the need of the hour for those who travel frequently. Though travelling to new destinations is a lifetime experience, one should ignore the possible risks that may put a full stop to all excitement. With a travel insurance policy, one can be covered for unexpected expenses that may arise out of an accident or medical emergency while travelling or his/her stay abroad. In this regard, Royal Sundaram travel insurance offers the much-needed financial protection in need. Let’s gather some information here:

Key Features of Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance

The unique features of Royal Sundaram Travel insurance are:

  • Worldwide travel coverage including the USA and Canada
  • Worldwide coverage for Schengen countries but excluding Japan and Korea
  • Extensive medical coverage
  • Customized plan useful for frequent travelers

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Plans

The different types of travel insurance plans offered by Royal Sundaram include:

1. Travel Secure Asia Plan:

This is an exclusive plan for those who frequently travel within Asia. The plan protects the insured while travelling by covering various unexpected expenses incurred in emergency hospitalization, loss of important documents, flight delay/cancel, hijack distress benefit, compassionate visit, dental treatment and so on.

2. Travel Secure Leisure Trip Plan:

One can ensure financial safety while enjoying a leisure trip to a dream destination. This plan can be availed with sum insured starting from 50,000 USD up to 10 Lakh USD.

3. Travel Secure Multi-Trip Plan:

This is a customizable multi-trip plan for those who need to fly frequently whether it is business or leisure trip.

4. Travel Secure Student Plan:

This plan ensures a secured stay abroad while the insured is travelling for studies. Apart from the basic travel related risks, this plan can be customisable as per the needs of a student.

5. Travel Secure Senior Citizen Plan:

This is tailor-made for the elderly people of the family who wish to travel. Senior citizens need frequent medical attention, and one can’t ignore it while travelling. This plan covers the insured for medical expenses along with the other benefits.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Policies

The company offers an extensive range of travel plans for families, groups, senior citizens, individuals, etc. Let’s have a detailed look at these plans:

Plan Name Eligibility Age Special Feature Common Feature
Student Travel Plan 12 years-40 years Coverage for suicide/treatment for mental disorder No medical test required
Asia Travel Plan 18 years-70 years Sickness dental cover No medical test required
Senior Citizen Travel Plan 71 years-no limit Political risk cover Medical reports required for a sum insured of 1,00,000 USD
Leisure Travel Plan 18 years-70 years Home content insurance No medical test required
Multi Trip Travel Plan 18 years-70 years Automatic extension No medical test required

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions


Travel insurance policy offered by Royal Sundaram protects the insured financially during below situations:

  • It compensates for the medical expenses incurred in accidental hospitalisation or illness, including medical evacuation, sickness dental relief
  • The expenses incurred for repatriation of mortal remains of the insured to his/her native land will be covered
  • Loss of important documents such as Passport is covered. The insurer reimburses the expenses spent on issuing a new passport
  • Distress allowance benefit is offered in case the flight is hijacked
  • Accidental death and dismemberment benefit is offered while travelling in a common carrier
  • The expenses incurred in purchasing due to the loss or delay of checked-in luggage are reimbursed
  • In case the insured is legally bound to pay for any damage to a third-party, the liability expenses are covered
  • Due to a medical emergency, if the trip is cancelled, the cost of the ticket is reimbursed
  • Expenses incurred due to trip delay are covered
  • Daily hospitalisation cash allowance in case of emergency hospitalization beyond 2 days
  • Automatic extension of policy up to 7 days
  • Political risk and catastrophe evacuation expenses are covered
  • The expense of compassionate visit if the insured is hospitalized is covered
  • Emergency hotel extension/ emergency cash benefit
  • The policy also covers the difference in Airfare due to delayed or early return
  • Maternity benefit for termination of pregnancy only
  • Expenses incurred in availing Physiotherapy
  • Damage or injury due to suicide or suicidal attempts is covered
  • Loss of laptop or expense incurred in getting a new one is reimbursed
  • The policy also covers treatment for mental and nervous disorders, alcoholism and drug dependency
  • Sponsor protection covering tuition fee in case of the death of the sponsor


The below are the common exclusions of a travel insurance plan:

  • If the insured is travelling without the permission of attending doctor, the expenses incurred in a medical emergency will not be covered
  • If someone is claiming against an unmentioned medical condition in the policy document, the claim will be invalidated automatically
  • If participating in high-risk sports activities, the loss will not be covered
  • Injury or damage arising out of the war, nuclear weapon, civil commotion are not covered by Royal Sundaram travel insurance
  • The insurer would not cover the loss or theft of the belongings that are unattended
  • In case of an emergency, if the travel policy is not in force, the claim will be rejected by default
  • If the insured is participating in any operations of Naval, Military and Air Forces
  • Travel insurance doesn’t cover any act of God or natural calamities such as flood, earthquake etc.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Claim Process:

In order to avail the policy benefits in need, the insured has to follow a few steps to claim the insurance plan:

1. Contact the Insurer/Assistance Service Provider:

Whenever a claim arises, the insured should inform the insurer immediately. If the claim is to be made abroad, he/she can contact assistance service provider in abroad.

2. Register the Claim:

Register the claim by calling on the toll-free number. A brief detail of the incident in writing may need to be provided. The claim assistance executive will guide the insured through the process.

3. Submit the Documents:

Without a submission of relevant documents, smooth claim settlement is impossible. In case of claiming Royal Sundaram, travel insurance, the insured needs to submit the documents to the Assistance Service Provider within a timeframe of 30 days from the date of his/her return. To support the claim the insured needs to furnish the original copy of ticket/boarding pass along with a photocopy of the passport with entry and exit date.

4. Claims Settlement:

Upon receiving all relevant documents and after a thorough verification, the insurer finally settles the claim within a stipulated time. The company or the service provider abroad may ask for more documents if required. The reimbursement of the claim amount will be in Indian Rupee. The insured/nominee / Legal heir etc. can accept the settlement offer within 7 days.

Note: In case of delay in the settlement, the insurer is liable to pay 2% interest.

Documents Required:

The insured must ensure to submit the below documents at the time of claiming, his/her travel insurance:

  • Duly filled and signed the original claim form
  • Attending doctor’s report confirming the illness or injury
  • Discharge summary containing the name of the patient
  • Doctor’s prescriptions showing the prescribed medicines
  • Chemists receipts with a stamp
  • The original bills and receipts need to be submitted
  • Death certificate (death claim)
  • Copy of flight tickets and boarding pass
  • Copy of passport along with a copy of visa with entry and exit stamp
  • In case of claim amount above Rs. 1,00,000 the insured will ask for KYC documents (ID and Address proof)
  • Cancelled cheque for initiating the NEFT settlement

*One can refer the official website to check the full list of documents for different types of claim

In case of Cashless Claims

If the insured is availing cashless hospitalization, he/she should inform the service provider within 24 hours of the hospitalization or before discharge from the hospitalization. The company will not entertain any claim request in case the same is not reported within the given timelines.

In case of Reimbursement Claims

The insured needs to inform about the contingency within 30 days from the date of illness/loss/diagnosis to avail the adequate services. The service provider will verify the authenticity of the claim through the passport number. In case of an accidental emergency where it is not possible to inform the insurer right away, the incident should be reported to the Alarm Centre right away after availing the medical assistance.

Royal Sundaram Travel Insurance Renewal

One can renew Royal Sundaram travel insurance in three simple easy ways online. One just needs to visit the official website of the insurer, click on the ‘insta renewal’ option, mention the policy details, view the premium amount and pay online. At the time of renewing, one can compare various travel plans as well and calculate the premium accordingly.

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