Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Travelling across the world and exploring new places is a dream for everyone. But, in order to fulfil the responsibilities of the family, a middle-class man becomes unable to travel abroad. And it is the post-retirement time when one gets free from all the liabilities and hence thinks to cover various foreign destinations. However, travelling to foreign land especially in old age comes with some risks. Risks of health during travel, the risk of baggage loss, etc. are some of the common problems that a senior citizen may face while travelling. To overcome these fear, the best solution is to buy senior citizen travel insurance.

What is a senior citizen travel insurance policy?

A comprehensive travel insurance policy for senior citizens protects the insured against dangers, threats, and various medical emergencies that can occur while travelling to a foreign land. A senior citizen policy is available for travellers of age 71 and above. However, there are some policies that are available for travellers of 60 years and above.

Best Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Name Entry Age Special Feature Common Exclusion
Reliance Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  • 60 and above
  • No medical check-up till the age 90 years
  • Pre-existing illness that is not disclosed
Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen Plan
  • 61-75 years
  • Golfer Hole-in-one cover/ Home burglary
  • Naturopathy treatment
Apollo Munich Easy Travel Senior Citizen
  • 71-80 years
  • Dental Treatment
  • If travelling to avail medical treatment

Benefits & Features of a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

The below are some of the generic benefits and features that a senior citizen travel insurance policy provides, however, one can customize his/her package according to the requirement(s):

Worldwide Cashless Treatment:

Senior citizen travel insurance offers cashless emergency services worldwide with the network hospitals abroad.

Coverage for Baggage:

Loss of baggage can lead to a traumatic situation while travelling and when it is with a senior citizen, the situation may get worse. With a senior citizen travel insurance one can cover the check-in baggage as well, where in case of a loss of baggage, the insurer reimburses the incurred expenses in purchasing the necessary items.

Loss of Important Documents:

While travelling if someone losses important documents related to his/her journey, it can pause a serious menace. One such thing is Passport and if someone lose it while travelling, he/she might not be allowed to enter a new country. To remain stress-free in such cases, senior citizen travel insurance bears the expenses incurred towards availing a fresh passport.

Other Travel Issues:

Other travel related risks such as accidental death, repatriation of mortal remains, personal liabilities, trip cancellation, emergency evacuation, missed connection etc. are also covered by a senior citizen travel insurance.

Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions

Even though travelling is fun, but it may come with so many challenges and problems especially when senior citizens are on a trip. However, if a senior citizen is prepared enough in a way that he/she has taken a travel insurance policy, can enjoy the journey without any hassle or problem.


Some common inclusions of a senior citizen travel insurance plan are:

  • Since pre-existing health issues are very common with senior citizens, a senior citizen travel insurance policy provides coverage against any medical treatment incurred because of pre-existing diseases
  • There can be situations wherein a senior citizen has to travel back to India due to medical emergencies. Medical evacuation is covered as well
  • A senior citizen travel insurance plan as well protects against any medical expenditures occurred during the travel because of any unforeseen emergency conditions
  • Some policies under this category provide dental treatment as optional cover. However, the ones that cover dental in normal policy offer reimbursement of costs incurred
  • A normal traveller gets quite annoyed with his/her baggage loss, and when it happens with senior citizens, it can be traumatic. This can be taken care with a senior citizen plan that offers coverage to loss of baggage
  • A senior citizen can get the reimbursement of the additional costs that incur due to a flight delay, cancellation, or missed flight
  • If a senior citizen has to cancel or delay/ interruption of a trip due to any reason, then he/she would get the reimbursement for the same
  • In case of a monetary need in a foreign land, the insurer provides financial assistance. Moreover, it also covers personal liabilities during a foreign trip
  • Various insurance companies provide cover against burglary that may occur at home in the absence of the owner. In case of senior citizen over, it can be added as a rider


Some common exclusion of senior citizen travel insurance policies are:

  • Expenses or emergency medical care arises under the influence of alcohol or drug is not entertained
  • Any undeclared pre-existing disease is not covered
  • HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease
  • Self-harm, suicide, or attempt to suicide due to mental disorder like depression is not covered
  • Any breach of law with the intention of crime is not covered
  • Claims related to hazardous activities will not be entertained
  • Willingly travelling to a country that has war or nuclear threat
  • No partial baggage loss or damage is entertained

Claim Process for a Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy

In order to file a claim of senior citizen travel insurance one needs to follow few simple steps:

1. Call the Insurer:

Get in touch with the insurance company and tell them the situation when you have used the travel insurance. The insured can get in touch with the insurance provider through any mode - telephone, email, or physically visit their office.

2. Ask for Claim Related Assistance:

Next step is to register a call with the customer care executive of the company. He/she will further guide the insured about the entire process to make the settlement hassle-free.

3. Download the Claim Form:

The insured has to fill the claim form and submit along with the relevant documents supporting the claim. The claim form can be downloaded from the official website as well. Sent the duly filled claim form with the documents to the insurers official address. In case of a claim abroad, the insured has to approach the associate claim assistance service-centre.

4. Final Settlement:

After receiving all the documents, the insurer will investigate the case and verify the documents. Upon completion of the verification, it settles the claim by transferring the money to insured’s account.

Add-on Covers offered by Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

The add-on or riders are the extra features that one may ask for. Some of the common riders or add-ons that are available for senior citizen travel insurance policies are:

  • Sporting activities
  • Cover for home burglary in the absence of the owner
  • Coverage for serious illness or some pre-existing medical condition that is not adequately covered in the current policy
  • Dental treatment

These are some of the riders that are included in various senior citizen travel insurance policies. If one wants he/she can customize his/her travel insurance policy as well.

Compare Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policies Online

Since there are a lot of travel insurance policies available online, thus it may become difficult for a senior citizen to choose the best policy for him/her. To keep a senior citizen away from this issue of choosing the best travel insurance policy for him/her, there available various insurance web aggregators available online. An authentic web aggregator compares various policies according to the requirement of the buyers and resultantly provides with the best insurance solutions. So, trusting an insurance web aggregator is the most recommended way to choose the best senior citizen travel insurance policy online.

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