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The globalization or advent of the Internet has benefited so many industries and travel industry is one of them. If a travel agency launches an offer over the internet, it becomes viral instantly and many people grab it. In this way, the availability of so many deals and offers, it has become easy to travel and explore all the unexplored destinations of the world in affordable prices.

With all the essentials to carry, taking travel insurance is one of the prime needs of a person especially if he/she is travelling to abroad all alone. Opting for multi-trip travel insurance is suggested for the frequent flyers, whereas if he/she travels only once in a year, then single trip travel insurance is a true calling. Let us discuss more on the single trip travel insurance plan, what it covers and how to file a claim for the same.

What is a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy?

A single trip travel insurance policy gives coverage for only one trip in a year. This trip can be an international tour or domestic holiday. The travel insurance cover under this policy lasts until the insured returns home from the trip. The number of days covered in a single trip travel insurance policy varies according to the insurance provider and sometimes according to the need of an insured.

Best Single Trip Travel Insurance Plans

Plan Name Entry Age Specific Feature Common Exclusion
Bharti AXA Smart Traveller
  • 3 months-85 for non-schengen
  • 3 months-60 years for Schengen
  • Home fire and insurance content
  • Naturopathy treatments
SBI Travel Single-trip Insurance
  • 6 months-70 years
  • Bail bond
  • Pre-existing illness

Benefits & Features of a Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

The various features of a Single Trip Travel Insurance are:

Medical Coverage:

The main benefit of a single trip travel insurance policy is to cover the medical expenses in a foreign land. The medical facilities in foreign countries are not as affordable as India instead a small injury can create a big hole in your pocket if treated without any insurance. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a travel insurance policy that covers medical expenses.

Other Travel Contingencies:

Apart from medical expenses, there can be issues of loss or theft, and if they occur in an unknown place, they can be horrible. A travel insurance policy also covers various issues of loss and theft, so opting for it is always beneficial.

Loss of Baggage:

Loss of baggage that is checked-in is also covered in a single trip travel policy. Moreover, the conditions of passport loss and loss of other key documents are also insured.

Emergency Evacuation:

The expenses incurred in an emergency medical evacuation to the native land will be covered under a single trip plan.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy Inclusions & Exclusions


The basic inclusions of most of the single trip travel insurance policies are:

  • Cost of medical treatment in case of sudden illness and accidental injury
  • Expenses of repatriation and emergency evacuation due to severe medical conditions
  • Coverage offered for checked-in baggage loss
  • Cost of emergency dental treatment is covered
  • The plan offers a daily allowance in case of hospitalization
  • In case of theft of money, provisioning of emergency cash is arranged
  • Downsizing the trip due to some valid reason like a death in the family or severe medical illness are covered
  • Missed connecting flight
  • Home burglary coverage
  • Covers personal liabilities
  • Covers cost of new or duplicate passport in case it gets lost
  • Emergency evacuation due to political risks or natural calamities
  • Accidental death in public carrier
  • Allowance in case of hijack
  • Trip cancellation due to any problem with the airlines, medical emergency, natural disaster, and employment issues is covered


Even though different insurance providers have different set of exclusions for single trip travel insurance plan, but some common exclusions are:

  • Claims for pre-existing medical conditions are not covered
  • Injuries caused due to adventurous sports and other sports activities
  • Venereal disease is not covered
  • Ayurvedic, homoeopathic, and naturopathic treatments
  • Claims arising due to AIDS/HIV
  • Damage or loss incurred because of nuclear weapons or radiations
  • Mental illness like depression, anxiety, etc. are not covered by this policy
  • Baggage or passport loss or loss of other valuable items due to carelessness or if the loss is not reported at the local police station

Claim Process for Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

In order to claim a single trip travel insurance policy smoothly, the insured is required to follow the below steps:

1. Inform the Insurer:

In order to file a claim, inform the concerned insurance provider as soon as possible. The insured can contact them either via email or can give them a call on their toll-free number.

2. Ask for Claim Assistance:

A representative of an insurance provider, who is handling the case, will provide a claim form and a list of all the required documents according to the nature of the claim.

3. Submit the Claim Form with Documents:

The insured is required to duly fill the claim form. He/she has to submit the claim form along with the relevant documents to the insurance provider. For smooth settlement of the claim, it is suggested to keep the copy of all the relevant documents like the insurance documents, a copy of insurance policy, first information report, medical bills, boarding pass, passport, etc. handy.

4. Insurer Settles the Claim:

Upon receiving the documents and claim form, the insurer verifies everything and settles the claim. The same is intimated with the insured via mail.

Note: Please read all the policy related documents very carefully before buying any travel insurance policy.

Add-on Covers offered by Single Trip Travel Insurance

Add-ons or riders are additional features that an insured can ask for in order to get some extra advantages in his/her single trip travel insurance policy. However, to purchase any rider, a policyholder needs to pay some extra amount. This extra amount depends upon the type of add-ons an insured wants to take. Some common add-ons/riders of single trip travel insurance policy are:

  • Trip extension cover if an insured wants to extend his/her travel plans, he/she can opt for the same
  • Cover for adventurous activities like scuba diving, skiing, parasailing, etc. This rider also covers the accidental expenditures that may occur due to these sports activities
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

Compare Single Trip Travel Insurance Policies Online

Since most of the insurance providers offer single trip travel insurances, thus a normal person may get confused. To overcome this situation, there are some authentic insurance web aggregators, available online. One can go to their websites and compare various different single trip travel insurance policies. By simply providing a few information, one can avail suggestions on various suitable travel insurance plans offered by various insurers. This makes it easier to find the best single trip travel insurance policy online.

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