Student Travel Insurance

Everyone has the right to aim big and take steps to achieve that. Studying abroad is one such aims that most of the students dream of. Those who get this opportunity indeed come across a lot of avenues to grow, meet new people, learn about new cultures, and foster in a foreign land. But, with all the excitement, there is a little nervousness that every student going - abroad for studies and his/her parents feel. The nervousness of being alone especially when not well, the nervousness of having a feeling of who will help my child when he/she will face some financial crisis, etc.

However, with plenty of student travel insurance plans available, this concern can be taken care of.

What is the Need of Student Travel Insurance Plan?

A student travel insurance policy provides financial support and assistance in case of unfortunate situations that may arise while travelling abroad for studies or during his/her stay. It covers the insured person in case of a medical emergency, accidental death, personal liability and so on, expenses of which can be daunting. Student travel insurance comes in handy for whom studying abroad is a dream project!

Best Student Travel Insurance Plans

Insurer Name Entry Age Special Features Common Exclusions
TATA AIG Student Guard
  • 16 years-35 years
  • Cancer screening
    & mammography
    tests expense cover
  • If the insured is travelling with the consent of a physician
Apollo Munich Educare Student Travel Insurance
  • 10 years-50 years
  • Emergency cash allowance
  • Pre-existing Illness
HDFC ERGO Student Suraksha
  • 16 years-35 years
  • Emergency dental treatment
  • Pre-existing illness
IFFCO Tokio Student Travel Insurance
  • NA
  • Hijack distress allowance
  • Pre-existing illness

Benefits & Features of Student Travel Insurance Policy

Every parent wants to give the bright future to his/her children and sending them abroad for studies is one such thing. With all the essentials that may need in a foreign land to survive, shielding a child with travel insurance is another requirement that every parent must think before sending his/her child to a new country. The benefits and features that a student travel insurance policy offers are:

Medical Expense Cover:

Emergency hospitalization expenses incurred due to an accident or an illness are covered.

Loss of Baggage:

The policy covers the expenses incurred due to loss of checked-in baggage while travelling.

Sponsor Expense:

Tuition fees of the students are covered in case of the death of the parents or the financial sponsor.

Flight Cancellation/Delay:

Expenses incurred due to flight cancellation or delay in flight are covered by student travel insurance.

Student Travel Insurance Policy: Inclusions & Exclusion


Major inclusions that a student travel insurance policy covers are:

  • Emergency medical expense cover in case of hospitalization due to an accident or illness,  dental treatment, medical evacuation, repatriation of the mortal remains of the insured etc.
  • A pre-defined compensation is paid to the family in case of the accidental death of the insured/permanent disability
  • Expenses incurred in purchasing toiletries due to delay/loss of checked-in baggage
  • The policy also reimburses the incurred expenses due to the missed connection
  • It reimburses all the expenses incurred in arranging new or duplicate passport
  • An insured gets the reimbursement for all the expenses occurred due to trip delay, provided it is more than 12 hours
  • When the insured is legally bound to pay for the damages to a third-party, the liability expenses are covered up to a limit
  • Sponsor protection in case of the death of the financial sponsor of the student
  • The compensation is paid, in case of study interruption of a policyholder
  • The benefits of daily cash allowances are provided to the insured if he/she is hospitalized for a specified days
  • If a compassionate visit of an immediate family member of an insured is required, the policy pays for it as well
  • Expenses incurred in screening some critical illnesses such as cancer are covered
    It provides cash allowance for hospitalization required for childcare
  • After a waiting period of 10 months, pregnancy-related expenses are covered
  • Hijack distress allowance to the insured person
  • Compensation offered in case the insured is unable to stay in his/her accommodation due to a natural emergency


Student travel insurance policy does not cover the below situations:

  • A student policy does not cover the expenses incurred due to some pre-existing medical condition until an insured is seriously ill
  • Claim for loss or damage due to self-initiated injury, suicidal attempts, mental disorder, stress, anxiety etc
  • In case of injury if the insured is under the influence of alcohol or other toxicating substances
  • Expenses incurred towards the treatment of STDs or HIV/AIDS are not covered
  • No claim is accepted if the insured is travelling without the consent of his/her doctor or avoiding the advice of not to travel
  • If the insured is travelling to avail some specified treatment abroad, the expenses incurred towards the treatment are not covered
  • If the insured has been suffering from some of the terminal illnesses and the claim arises out of a complication due to this, the claim will be rejected
  • No claim will be accepted for loss of passport, theft or damage due to the carelessness or negligence of the insured or if the loss is not registered to the local police station
  • The insurer will not entertain the partial damage or loss of the checked-in luggage (only full loss and damages are entertained)
  • Any situation occurring due to war or nuclear threat in the country wherein one is travelling, will not be covered.
  • In case of a claim when the student travel insurance is not in force, the claim will automatically be invalidated.

Claim Process for a Student Travel Insurance Policy

The steps involved in claiming a student travel insurance policy are:

1. Inform the Insurance Company:

The insured should get in touch with the insurance provider to avail the benefits of the policy in need. The insured can call on the helpline number of the insurance provider and provide all the details. One should feel free to question, in case of any doubt.

2. Avail the Claim Form:

The customer care executive will guide the insured through the entire process. If the claim is made abroad, then the associate company will help throughout the process. The claim form can be downloaded online or available at the branches of the insurer.

3. Provide the Required Documents:

The duly filled claim form along with the required documents should be sent to the insurance company without a fail. No claim will be entertained if any of the required document is missing.

4. Final Settlement:

There can be situations wherein an insured may ask to undergo medical test, expenses of which can be claimed as well. After verifying all documents and proofs, the insurance company finally settles the approved amount.

Add-on Covers

In order to fulfil the special needs of its insureds, an insurance policy offers add-ons or rider plans. Some common riders that a student travel insurance policy offers are:

  • If one wants cover for some critical illness, he/she can choose the Critical Illness add-on cover for the same
  • If one wants medical cover for some pre-existing diseases, he/she can select for a pre-existing illness rider plan for the same
  • If one wants medical cover even after discharge, he/she can opt for the out-patient rider

Compare Student Travel Insurance Policies Online

Before selecting a student travel insurance policy, it is recommended to compare various student travel insurance policies online through an insurance web aggregator. An authentic web aggregator offers the following benefits:

  • A web aggregator compares the quotes of various student insurance policies
  • It also offers an opportunity to choose a plan according to his/her requirement
  • Gives information transparency
  • Analyzes and compares the USPs and features of different plans simultaneously
  • Very convenient and easy insurance shopping

Hence, by availing student travel insurance, one can financially secure his/her stay abroad while studying!

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