Tata AIG Travel Insurance Overview

TATA AIG is one of the renowned insurance providers, which commenced its operations in India in 2001. It is a joint collaboration between TATA Group and American International Group (AIG). With a workforce of 5174 employees and 15155 agents and 187 branches across the country, the company offers a range of insurance products for individuals and businesses.
The general insurance products including Liability, Motor, Personal Accident, Health, Marine Cargo, Rural-Agriculture Insurance, Lifestyle, Extended Warranty, etc. are the most sought-after products of the insurance market. Above all, the travel insurance solutions offered by the company meet the insurance purposes of the buyers in terms of business, leisure, and studies. These plans can be customised as per one's requirements and ensure full financial protection while the insured is on board.

What is the Need for Travel Insurance?

Travelling brings much-anticipated excitement, fun, and certainly boosts one’s knowledge. Exploring new places, meeting new people, and living in their cultures are some different feelings. Only a travel junkie can understand the resfeber that flutters through his/her stomach while packing the bags to explore a new destination.

When one can escalate the excitement by discovering new things, it should not let anything to dampen this thrill. What if the flight gets delayed for hours due to the bad weather? Or if the traveller meets with a severe accident? Those unplanned expenses while travelling can be daunting. When life throws many curves, to mitigate the extra financial burden, one can have travel insurance. Travel insurance will cover the insured while travelling for the unplanned expenses that may arise out of a cancelled flight, trip delay, third-party liability, loss of baggage, and so on.

Benefits of TATA AIG Travel Insurance:

TATA AIG Travel insurance has the following benefits:

Travel Guard Assist:

Travelling to remote areas sounds interesting; however, you can pose unanticipated dangers and perils. In order to offer an aid to guard you from unfortunate perils, TATA AIG travel insurance provides offerings towards repatriation of the remains across the globe, emergency assistance provider, and clinical evacuation carrier.


TATA AIG travel insurance comes with a flexibility of extension of travel insurance plans.

Free Lock-in period:

TATA AIG travel insurance policies offer free lock in period of 15 days for the annual multi trip travel insurance if the trip has not begun.

Tata AIG Travel Insurance Plans

The travel insurance plans offered by TATA AIG worth someone’s money. Tata AIG offers four types of travel insurance plans. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Travel Guard:

With travel guard, one can be secured for unpredictable situations resulting additional expenses. From the loss of baggage to emergency medical care, everything will be taken care of by the insurance company. This policy secures the insured financially against accidental injury or death as well. The most unusual feature is it also covers pre-existing condition up to $1500 per policy.

2. Student Guard Overseas Health Insurance:

When someone is planning for studies in abroad, health and travel related worries should not bother the excitement. With Tata AIG Student Guard plan, the insured can be covered for various travel related worries like flight delay, loss of baggage, loss of important documents, hijack, missed connecting flight, personal liability, etc.

3. Asia Travel Guard Policy:

When the continent Asia offers diverse pleasant things to explore, one should not ignore the unexpected circumstances. With Asia Travel Guard insurance plan, one can keep the financial worries at a bay. This policy covers the insured for travel-related emergencies such as loss of passport, baggage delay, flight cancellation, trip delay or cancellation, emergency evacuation, etc.

4. Domestic Travel Guard Policy:

With domestic Travel Guard Policy, one can keep travel worries at a bay while travelling within the country. This policy covers the insured for loss of ticket, liability for property damage, missed flight, medical expenses across India, ambulance fee, daily allowance in case of hospitalization, compensation for death or injury on a flight or while boarding a flight, etc.

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Policies

The company offers an extensive range of travel plans for families, groups, senior citizens, individuals, etc. Let’s have a detailed look at these plans:

Plan Name Special feature Common Exclusion
Travel Guard Pre-existing Illness cover If the insured is travelling without a doctor’s consent
Student Guards Overseas Compassion visit Pre-existing illness
Asia Travel Guard Personal liability Liability arises out of intentional damage
Domestic Travel Guard Reimburse the cost of round-trip in case of hospitalization If the insured is travelling without a doctor’s consent

Key Features of TATA AIG Travel Insurance:

The following are the key features of TATA AIG travel insurance policies:

  • Repatriation of the remains
  • Injury cover, accidental death, dental treatment, illness treatment reimbursement
  • Tailor-made plans for travel within the country

Coverage for loss if fees due to an interruption in study on account of unanticipated and unfortunate events.

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Eligibility Criteria:

TATA AIG travel insurance eligibility criteria depend on the type of plan opted by the insured.

Single Trip:

The policyholder must be at least 6 months of age and permanently residing in India.

Annual Multi-trip:

The policyholder should be between 19 and 70 years of age.

Tata Aig Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions:


The extensive list defines what is covered under TATA AIG Travel Insurance:

  • Compensation for loss of checked-in baggage due to theft or misdirection by a common carrier
  • Loss of important documents such a passport or expenses incurred in availing a new passport is covered
  • If the insured becomes legally liable to pay for third-party property damage, injury, or death
  • These policies also cover medical emergencies including accidental hospitalization, emergency evacuation, repatriation of moray remains etc
  • Expenses incurred due to trip delay or trip cancellation
  • Reimbursement for flight delay missed connecting flight, and distress allowance in case of hijack


The list below defines what is not covered under TATA AIG travel insurance:

  • In case the insured is travelling without the consent of the treating doctor
  • The suicidal attempt, self-initiated injury, STDs, Mental disorder, etc. are not covered
  • If the insured is participating in any adventurous activity and gets injured
  • If the insured is involved in any communal riot, crime, or civil commotion and get injured
  • Damage due to nuclear weapon, radiation, chemicals or dispersal of biological materials
  • Any loss due to war or warlike situations, any act of terrorism etc. are not covered by this plan

How to apply for TATA AIG Travel Insurance Online?

In order to apply for TATA AIG International Travel Insurance online the insurance seeker must follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Visit the TATA AIG official website
  • Choose a plan depending on the requirement
  • Fill in the required information
  • Make online premium payment via Credit card, debit card, or net banking
  • Policy details will be intimated to the registered email ID of the policyholder

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Claim Process:

In order to experience a seamless claim process with TATA AIG domestic or international travel insurance, the insured needs to follow the below steps:

Inform the Insurer:

Immediately inform the insurer/assistance company. One can call at toll-free number @ +1-866-866-2619 (for Canada & USA) and +1-817-826-7017(Applicable charge/collect from other places). The claim can be registered through their official mail Id.

Failure to call this number or informing the insurance provider via email will automatically invalidate the claim.

Avail Claim Related Assistance:

Once the claim is registered, the customer care executive will guide the insured through the process. The insured needs to present the bills and receipts, in case of an OPT Treatment to reimburse the amount.

Keep the Documents Handy:

Without submitting the required documents one can’t expect a smooth claim process. TATA AIG overseas travel insurance can be claimed by furnishing the relevant documents which are mentioned below:

Documents Required to Claim TATA AIG Travel Insurance

The insured needs to furnish the below documents to claim his/her travel insurance under various circumstances:

Medical Accident & Sickness Claim:

Duly filled and signed claim form, doctor's report, original Admission/discharge summary, original bills / receipts/doctor’s prescription, original X-ray reports / Investigative/pathological reports, copy of passport or visa with entry and exit stamp.

Loss of Baggage:

Duly filled and signed claim form, copy of passport or visa with entry and exit stamp, baggage tags copies, copies of communication with the Airline authorities/Others about the loss of checked-in baggage, Property Irregularity Report (obtained from the Airlines), original Bills / receipts / doctor’s prescription, details of reimbursement received from the airlines/other authorities, if any.

Delay of Baggage:

Duly filled and signed claim form, copy of passport or visa with entry and exit stamp, PIR(Property Irregularity Report) from the airline stating the reason or time of the delay, original bills/receipts/invoices of the expenses incurred due to baggage delay.

Trip Delay:

Duly filled and signed claim form, original bills of incurred expenses due to the delay, copy of flight ticket and boarding pass, copy of communication with the airline authority or other authorities regarding the loss.

Loss of passport:

Copy of new and old passport, original bills/statements of expenses incurred for getting a new passport, copy of Police Report/FIR.

Final Settlement

After receiving the relevant documents and verifying them on the ground of their terms and conditions, the insurer settles the claim amount. The amount is either transfer to the account of the insured or given via cheque.

*For complete list, kindly refer the complete list in the policy document

Personal Liability:

Brief of the incident in writing, statement of the witness, other documents related to the incident like legal notice etc., additional information if any.

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Renewal:

To avail the policy documents uninterruptedly, the insured needs to renew the policy on time. The renewal is done by paying the required premium for a particular policy. One can compare the premiums at the time of renewal by using travel insurance premium calculator tool. It is an online tool that helps one to get the right insurance quotes. This way one can even switch to another plan at the time of renewal. Whether he/she finalises a new plan or sticks to the existing one, the below steps are to be followed to renew a plan:

  • Visit the official website of the insured
  • Go to the ‘policy renewal’ option
  • Compare and calculate the premium
  • Pay the premium online through debit/credit cards, Net banking, NEFT etc

TATA AIG Travel Insurance Review:

A wide range of travel insurance plans are offered by TATA AIG travel insurance basis the needs of the tourist or globetrotter. The travel policies by TATA AIG offer comprehensive protection for travel at economical cost. The insurer has an easy, quick and simple claim process, which makes the plan good range for travel insurance.

Contact Details of TATA AIG Travel Insurance:

You can get in touch with the insurance provider on:

Toll free No. 1800-266-7780 (24x7 Helpline number)

Email ID: customersupport@tataaig.com

Tolled No. for different metro cities:

City Contact Number
Delhi Landline Service 66603500
Mumbai Landline Service 66939500
Bengaluru Landline Service 66500001
Pune Landline Service 66014156
Chennai Landline Service 66841050
Hyderabad Landline Service 66629882
Ahmadabad Landline Service 66610201
Kolkata Landline Service 64509767

TATA AIG Travel Insurance FAQs:

Q1. What is not covered under TATA AIG Travel Guard Insurance Policy?

A1. The following are the exclusions of TATA AIG Travel Guard Insurance Plan:

  • Travelling to obtain medical treatment
  • Attempted suicide or suicide
  • Travelling against the advice of the doctor
  • Terrorism, war, illegal activities, dangerous sports.
  • Pre-existing diseases and the complication arising out of them

NOTE: Refer to the policy wordings to know the details of the exclusions.

Q2. What medical benefits can be availed under TATA AIG Travel Guard?

A2. TATA AIG Travel Guard Insurance Plan offers the following medical benefits:

  • Compensation for accidental death or any injury taking place on the trip is paid.
  • Reimbursement of the expenses incurred on the account of dental treatment, sickness, or an injury.
  • Reimbursement for emergency transportation to hospitals, medical supplies and treatment.
  • Pre-existing diseases or any complications arising out of them.
Q3. Does TATA AIG Student Guard – Overseas health insurance plan cover loss of passport?

A3. Yes, loss of passport is covered under TATA AIG Student Guard – Overseas Health Insurance Plan.

Q4. What are the different modes of premium payment?

A4. TATA AIG Travel Insurance offers two different premium payment modes. They are: Online Payment via debit card, net banking, and credit card, and Cash payment, which can be used at the branch.

Q5. Whom to contact in case of registering a Claim to TATA AIG Travel Insurance?

A5. In case of registering a claim, the policyholder must inform the insurance provider. The insured has to send an SMS CLAIMS to 5616181 or call the toll free no. 1-800-119966. Also, the insured can write to the insurer at general.claims@tata-aig.com.

Q6. What should be done if the insured meets with an accident abroad?

A6. If the insured meets with an accident abroad, the policyholder would require emergency medical attention. The Alarm Centre or the assistance centres specifically set up for to solve this purpose must be contacted along with the necessary information.

Q7. If there is need of the travel insurance policy, can it be cancelled?

A7. Yes, the policyholder can get the travel insurance policy only if the journey is not undertaken as expected. For this the insured have to submit the necessary documents such as a copy of valid passport.

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