Top 5 Travel Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

You booked your flights, hotel, passport, visa, everything is done, and you are all set to go. Not really! Ignoring on travel insurance (whether international or domestic travel insurance); can cost you more than the premium amount. Usually, you do not need to pay for flight cancellation, medical emergency, and passport or baggage loss or claim your travel insurance, but if any unforeseen incidence happens, your travel insurance would prove to be a savior.

While booking your travel insurance policy, you may tend to overlook a few crucial details, so we have highlighted a few of them to let you know what all you need to evade.

Listed below are a few travel insurance mistakes made by most of the travelers and we are here to help you avoid them.

  1. Not Including Children on a Family Travel Insurance Plan

Assuming that your dependent children would be automatically listed under the plan, is one of the most common mistakes made by travelers.

There are certain age criteria under every policy, this might seem obvious, but it’s always better to check the policy inclusions and criteria before purchasing travel insurance online.

For example – Bajaj Allianz Travel Insurance covers only 2 dependent children up to the age of 21 years in their overseas travel insurance plan.

  1. Check If Your Destination Is Covered Under the Travel Insurance Plan

Assuming that your overseas travel insurance plan would cover all the countries is one of most common blunders made by travelers.

It is imperative that you check the policy terms and conditions to ensure that the country you are travelling too is covered under the plan. There are policies which are regional or country- specific as well.

If you want a worldwide cover, you must ascertain the travel insurance plans according to your travel needs and concerns. Also ensure, if the policy would be valid throughout your trip.

  1. Assuming Coverage on Adventure Sports in A Basic Travel Insurance Plan

Mostly all the travel insurance policies have adventure sports excluded from their coverage. If you are planning to go for mountaineering, kayaking, skiing or any other life-threatening sports activities, then you must check with your insurance service provider, if they can include it as an add-on.

You need to ensure if it’s totally excluded under the plan or there is any other provision to cover it as an additional benefit by paying some extra premium.

It is recommended that you compare different plans that cover adventure sports while purchasing travel insurance online.

  1. Coverage on pre-existing medical conditions

Do not assume that your travel insurance company would compensate for any pre-existing illness or any medical condition arising after buying the policy which is not mentioned under the policy.

You need to declare any illness to your insurance provider to avail benefits. If not done, you would end up paying the hefty hospitalization expense in a foreign land. This would also lead to missing out on flight curtailment or cancellation cover.

Ensure that your travel insurance company is informed about any of your pre-existing illness, as some policies provide it as an add-on, by paying some extra premium. This is important because if not declared you would have to bear the entire medical expenses from your own pocket.

  1. Forgetting to take proper vaccination

It is important to take the necessary or prescribed vaccinations if you are travelling to countries where malaria, yellow fever, and typhoid are rampant. Ensure that you take the precautionary medications and recommended vaccinations before the trip.

Precaution is always better than cure and it won’t be a wise decision to pay for medical treatment when you could safeguard your health with a vaccination itself. You might not be able to claim for such diseases if the vaccination was recommended before the travel.

Most of the people refrain from it, which impose serious health risks. Check the necessary immunity measure you need to take as per the country you are travelling to.

If you are thinking of purchasing your international or domestic travel insurance policy at the eleventh hour, then you miss out on declaring any pre-existing illness cover or anything which may disrupt your travel, before you happen to book your policy.

You would be compensated for flight curtailment and any hotel accommodation required covering the delay, in case you take it before time. Some people miss out on travel insurance benefits as they do not find it necessary to spend on an insurance policy, especially for travel purposes.


If you do not want to face financial wrath in a new country, do not mistake to put yourself in this reckless category of people who fail to understand the importance of travel insurance and its benefits. If you have yourself and your family covered for any personal, leisure, business or educational trip, it offers you peace of mind. It would save you running from pillar to post, in case there is any crisis. Make sure you read all the policy inclusions and exclusions before zeroing down on the final one.

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