Travel Tips: Ten Things you Need to Know About Travel in 2019

Planning a trip can be fun, but to make the most of it, you need to plan it in the right manner. You should do proper planning and research to make it worthwhile. If you prepare right before heading on a trip, it will become more enjoyable and memorable.

Once you have decided the destination, do some homework before actually visiting that place. Find out places to explore, read a bit about the new lifestyle and culture. If you are going on an international trip then buying an overseas travel insurance plan will help. And for domestic trips, domestic travel insurance plan would protect from any unforeseen circumstances. While you are looking for it, you can checkout and compare different travel insurance plans online. After comparing select the one that is most suitable.

If you are going on an adventurous trip that involves kayaking, wind surfing, bungee jumping, paragliding, or any other adventure sports, then you should buy a plan that covers adventure sports as well.

Here are ten travel tips for your next trip in 2019-

  1. Research Well From Your End - Check out some travel sites and guidebooks to have some idea about your next destination. It is always wise to have some knowledge about the place. If not anything else, you can check out their official tourism site to gather some important information.

Just by having an idea of all the activities that you can do, you can actually save your time on the ground. You can decide the places you would want to visit, and any special adventure sport activities you must try. It will give you a sense of awareness about safety measures that you should take, things to carry, cultural differences and political trends.

  1. Weather Conditions – First thing that you as a traveller should check are the current weather conditions in the country or city you are travelling to. Accordingly, you can pack your clothes, medicines and other essential items, depending it is a mountainous region, beach destination or a rain prone area.
  2. Packing the Essentials - Pack your bags as per the nature of your trip. If you are going on a work trip, pack light – it should mostly include formal wear, some casuals, laptop, some basics and official documents.

A bag packing trip would include a pair of sunglasses, a pair of clothes, a sun tan lotion and some medicines.

If you are going on an adventure trip or camping, you need to pack to survive the extreme weather conditions be it sun, snow, or rainfall. Pack your bags proficiently instead of fitting your entire closet in your luggage. Last but not the least; make sure that you carry all the utility and safety items on every trip. 

  1. Buy Travel Insurance - Usually people prefer to buy a travel insurance policy, for adventure trips, as the risk factors are high. Whereas, a travel insurance policy is advisable for all the trips, even if you are going for a small duration. 

The miniscule amount that you pay as premium for your travel insurance policy offers you a great peace of mind. You can compare various sites for best travel insurance policies. Moreover, there are some travel agents who offer travel insurance cover along with your travel bookings.

  1. Pack Like a Pro - The best thing you can do is pack smartly and in an efficient manner. Carry things like match sticks, ready-to-eat food items, matchsticks, torch, travel accessories. To enjoy your trip it is important to be a smart traveller.
  2. Stay Safe- You need to prioritize your safety on every trip. Carrying all the essential items is an important step towards it but another important thing is avoid travelling to a destination when it is risky. For example, avoid going to a beach destination during monsoon, avoid going to a volcano prone zone and other similar factors.

This will ensure you a good time during your travel. Stay alert, stay informed, and take precautionary measures and o rock and roll on your next excursion.

  1. Keep Your Money and Documents - If you are going on an international trip it is important to carry all your documents and foreign currency. Do not forget to keep your passport, tickets, vouchers, forex card (if you have) debit/credit cards, and other travel documents. Before the trip, keep all the documents at a safer place to avoid misplacing them. Also, refrain from keeping all your cash at one place, instead keep it scattered in different pockets and bags.
  2. Prioritize your Health - Before the trip, keep an emergency medical kit, take all the necessary vaccinations, and eat healthy so that you do not fall sick before travelling. If you are planning to go for trekking make sure that exercise regularly to build the stamina and flexibility.
  1. Create a Proper Itinerary - To enjoy every bit of it, plan limited activities in a day. Don’t stuff your schedule with every activity otherwise it will become very hectic and you won’ be able to enjoy your trip. Follow this tip if you want to experience the thrill and also take out time to rest.
  1. Know Your Limitations - Avoid taking up any activity that you are not fit for. If you are going on a family trip, it is always better to take a guide, who can take you through the place and is familiar with the people. For instance, if you are planning a trip to Ladakh, a lot of preparations are required to help you acclimatize without much trouble.

    Wherever you go, it is important to have your senses open and stay vigilant of your surroundings.  Before making any booking check out online reviews from the visitors, famous attractions, read about things to do, and basically the whole enchilada before you set off. These tips and advices in your mind will surely help you in preparing for your next trip in 2019.

To conclude
simply put, travelling to a different place is about opportunity, discovery, and joy. Be fearless. You get a chance to embrace the kindness of new people in a new place. Carry on the essential items and do light packing. Be inquisitive and humble as it will help you intermingle with new people. Rejoice new experiences and create memories.

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