United India Travel Insurance

Counted among one of the renowned general insurance companies in India, United India Insurance Company was founded in the year 1938. Since then the company has been growing leaps and bound with around 1800+ employees spread over 1340 offices to offer insurance solutions to more than 1 crore customers. The insurer offers a range of innovative insurance products including health, motor, fire, liability, marine, industrial, credit insurance etc. Among them, travel insurance offered by the insure is worth mentioning.

What is the Need for United India Travel Insurance?

Going abroad brings lots of excitement to all. Some prefer going abroad to enjoy an exotic vacation, while some others go to fulfill their business requirements. Some go for studies while some others go for seeking employment. But very few consider the unplanned expenses that may arise out of a medical emergency or related things. When healthcare expenses are sky-high in the foreign lands, a single hospitalization is enough wipe-out someone’s lifetime savings. In this regard, United India Overseas Mediclaim insurance comes in handy.

This policy safeguards the insured by covering those unexpected financial burden arising for a sudden illness or accidental hospitalization. Coverage for loss of important document like a passport is also something that is fully assured under this plan. The other benefits offered are: the repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical expenses etc.

United India Travel Insurance Plans

United India Travel Insurance policy can be availed in three variants: Baggage policy, Suhana Safar Policy and Marga Bandhu Policy. Let’s have a look:

1. Baggage Policy:

With this policy, the insured can safeguard his/her accompanied baggage during a journey. It offers coverage to suitcases, trunks as well. On declaration of the items before the commencement of the journey, one can protect it against the damages due to riot, fire, strike or terrorist activity. This policy also covers theft and accident as well anywhere in India.

2. Suhana Safar Policy:

Under this policy, one can cover the family members including the spouse and dependent children. It covers risks as personal accident and loss of baggage while travelling. The coverage is available for a single trip and applicable for the journey less than 60 days.

3. Marga Bandhu Policy:

This policy is ideal for a group of persons go on a tour, or educational trips or pilgrimage etc. this policy covers death or disability along with the accidental hospitalisation expenses. It also covers the extra expenses incurred for making alternative travel arrangements due to trip cancellation caused by an accident or damage to baggage while on tour.

United India Travel Insurance Policies

Plan Name Special Feature Common Exclusion
United India Baggage Policy
  • Damage due to fire, riot or terrorist activity is covered
  • Precious items, cash jewellery etc. are not covered
United India Suhana Safar Policy
  • Personal accident and baggage cover together
  • Applicable for journey less than 60 days
  • Pre-existing illnesses
Marga Bandhu Policy -
  • War and nuclear perils

United India Travel Insurance Inclusions & Exclusions:


The common inclusions of travel insurance policies offered by United India Insurance Company include:

  • Medical expenses and expenses incurred towards repatriation of mortal remains are covered
  • In-flight personal accident benefit in offered under this plan
  • Loss of passport or other important document cover
  • Loss of checked-in baggage

*The list is not the exclusive one and one can refer the policy document to get the complete list of inclusions and exclusions.


Travel insurance policy of United India will remain inactive under the following situations:

  • The policy doesn’t entertain a claim arising for loss of precious items, jewellery cash etc
  • Damage due to depreciation wear and tear, consequential loss or legal liabilities arising for an unsecured vehicle
  • Injury arising from war or war like situations, nuclear weapon etc. are not covered
  • Self-inflected injuries, attempt to suicide or suicide, mental disorder, expenses incurred from treating HIV/AIDS etc. are not covered
  • If the insured is travelling to avail medical treatment abroad
  • In the person is travelling without the advice of a physician or is strictly advised to avoid the trip

United India Travel Insurance Claim Process

United India Travel insurance can be claimed online in a few simple steps. The insured can visit the official website of the insurer and register a claim. In case of a cashless claim, the insured can avail the services free of cost by completing the paperwork with the TPA or the hospital authority, where the settlement is directly done by the insurer with the hospital.

On the other hand, in case of a reimbursement claim, the insured needs to pay to initial expenses and claim for reimbursement later. He/she needs to file a claim with the insurer by filling the claim form and submit along with the original copies of the medical bills.

United India Travel Insurance Renewal Process

In order to enjoy the policy benefits continuously, one needs to renew United India Travel insurance on time. In order to renew it, visit the official website of the insurer, go to the renewal option, calculate the premium online, compare with the other existing plans and if satisfied with the current plan then pay the premium online. If not, one can visit the nearest branch of United India, fill the renewal form, pay the premium by cash or cheque and renew the plan. This way the insured can enjoy the benefits offered under travel insurance plan uninterruptedly and can cover a trip financially, wherever he/she goes.

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